Employee Development

At Exeter, employee development will focus on nurturing careers and providing opportunities for professional growth. All employees will be given clear expectations and will be expected to perform their job responsibilities with proficiency and an appreciation of the importance of their responsibilities and a commitment to excellence. Employees seeking to develop skills and experiences in order to grow and take on new responsibilities will be supported as appropriate. Employees are entitled to clear, honest and timely feedback on the performance of their responsibilities, and will be held accountable for acting on such feedback where a need for improvement has been identified.

Continuing Education Reimbursement

Paid in full when directly job-related and your department requests coursework. Otherwise, 50% of tuition/books if coursework has potential application at PEA.

Internal Trainings

PEA provides a number of internal trainings for employment development. These trainings include topics such as Crucial Conversations, Manager Training, ServSafe, Reporting Laws, and various regular offerings throughout the year.

Professional Development Plans

PEA employees are provided an annual opportunity to discuss their professional development goals and performance. During this process the employee completes a self-appraisal and the direct supervisor will complete an appraisal for the employee. At that time, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss outlined goals.

Professional Speakers

Throughout the year, PEA hosts a number of reputable speakers through various trainings, assemblies, and events.