Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is focused on building connection and supporting the well-being of all employees. Our goal is for employees to feel connected to our community as a whole, that their work has meaning and impact, and that they are appreciated for the work that they do. Employee voice is encouraged and agency is attained through open channels of communication and engagement that support the success of the Academy. The Academy seeks to be a best place to work where all adults have a strong sense of belonging and inclusion, and where there is a common understanding of what it means to do things with a commitment to excellence, personal growth, accountability to oneself and others, respect, gratitude, humility and generosity of spirit.

Be Well

Be Well Exeter is a holistic health and well-being program covering six themes: environmental, financial/health consumer, lifestyle, mind/spirit, physical, and workplace/community. It offers a variety of speakers each month.

Calm Subscription

PEA offers employees a Calm subscription which gives unlimited access to the full library of content at Calm.com and in the Calm app. Calm provides guided meditations and specialized music playlists to help with stress and focus, mindful movement video and audio, relaxing Sleep Stories, tailored content for children, wisdom-filled masterclasses led by experts, and much more.

Celebrations and Awards

PEA invites all employees to our multiple events over the year. Whether it's to celebrate our colleagues at staff award ceremonies, or to socialize at one of our frolics, employees come together as a community while enjoying food, beverages, and camaraderie.

Community Leave Time

Community Time Leave allows employees to connect through service to help us build strong relationships while modeling non sibi with our colleagues or others to increase our sense of belonging within our own community. Part-time employees receive 10 hours, and full-time employees receive 20 hours, each year.

Summer Flex Time

Summer flex time offers greater flexibility in summer work hours. All staff and administrators are eligible. Administrative offices remain open during core summer hours. Employees work their full number of hours during the week. You may leave at noon on Friday or shorten the number of days you work each week by flexing your start and end times during the week. Flextime arrangements vary by department.

Care.com Membership

Caring for your family while you are at work can often be a challenge. Whether it’s after-school care, caring for a child who is home ill or the responsibility for aging parents, sometimes you need additional support, even at a moment’s notice. To help alleviate life’s unexpected challenges, PEA employees have free Care.com access to support a productive work-life balance.

Employee Assistance Program

ESI Employee Assistance Group is the nation’s most comprehensive employee assistance program (EAP) delivering more than twice the benefits and services to employees. These added benefits include thousands of online trainings, employee coaching, self-help center with personal and professional development resources. There is also broad suite of services to HR managers and supervisors.

Theater and Arts

PEA students offer many cultural events for all our community members to take advantage of. Employees can attend theater productions at our Goel Theater, listen to a music concert, and explore our Lamont Art Gallery, all for free.