Exeter Ringtones

Thank you for helping make Exeter's Day of Giving a huge success. Your contribution helps enhance the Exeter experience for every student and adult, in every classroom, on every field and on every stage.



Download the WeAreEXETER ringtone and keep celebrating!

iPhone: WeAreEXETER.m4r

Android: WeAreEXETER.mp3 

Tips for loading the ringtone

iPhone users: Download the .mr4 file to your computer, plug in your iPhone and sync it to your computer using iTunes. Here are step-by-step directions from Apple Support (go to "Move custom ringtones from iTunes to your iOS device" section), or you can watch this tutorial.

Android users: From your phone's browser, click on the .mp3 file and then select the download option. You will then be able to add WeAreEXETER to your ringtone menu. Here are detailed directions.