Drew Gatto

Reference/Music Librarian
Drew Gatto


B.A. New School for Social Research

M.I.L.S. SUNY-Buffalo

M.B.A. University of New Hampshire


Mr. Gatto has over twenty years of experience in music as a performer, teacher and librarian. Trained as both a pianist and a saxophonist, Mr. Gatto played in jazz and rock bands during his high school, college and post-graduate years before finding his calling in the stacks of the Music Library at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1999. After receiving his M.I.L.S. degree and briefly working in the technology industry, Mr. Gatto was introduced to the Academy by a colleague who is a PEA alum. 

As an educator, one of Mr. Gatto’s greatest joys is helping students build research and writing skills in order to develop their artistry and refine their personal voices. In his career at PEA and elsewhere, he has conducted nearly two hundred library instructional sessions on a variety of topics, in settings that range from a traditional classroom to a music technology lab filled with microphones and synthesizers.

He has served as a consultant to the PEAudiobooks student club. Since 2012, he has appeared on the airwaves of WPEA, the campus radio station, as the host of two weekly radio shows, “Tracks from the Stacks” and “Audio Culture.” He is an active blogger and is always looking for innovative ways to merge the worlds of text and music.

Outside of his work at PEA, Mr. Gatto enjoys spending time with his family, practicing yoga, coaching soccer and reading as much as he can.