Kayoko Tazawa

Instructor in Modern Languages
Kayoko Tazawa


M.A. University System of New Hampshire

B.A. Shoin Women's University


Tazawa Sensei (Kayo) was born and raised in Osaka, Japan, where she earned her undergraduate degree at Shoin Women’s University; she majored in the use of computers in teaching and learning languages. While still a student, she spent a year at the University of New Hampshire as an exchange student, and it was there she met her husband. She returned to Japan, and her first job was teaching computer software. Eventually, she and her husband went back to UNH, where she earned her master’s in linguistics and also taught Japanese.

Ms. Tazawa came to Exeter in 1997, when the Academy’s Japanese program was still quite new, and has been its enthusiastic leader ever since. She has lived and worked in several girls dormitories and has also taught yoga (she is a certified instructor). Over the years, she has been the adviser to a long list of clubs: the Japan-America Society, the Anime Club, the Origami Club, and a comic book club.

Kayo and her husband have two sons, and they enjoy kayaking as a family. She loves Zumba, and also adores both eating and cooking, so she often invites her students to her house for authentic Japanese food.