Michele L. Chapman

Instructor in Science
Michele Chapman


B.S. Duke University

M.S. University of Wisconsin - Madison


Before becoming a biology teacher, first at Lakeside School in Seattle and now at Phillips Exeter Academy, Michele studied all sorts of creatures. She studied the effects of industrial toxins on the growth of frogs in Wisconsin, how climate change is influencing the breeding biology of penguins in Antarctica, how testosterone influences parental care of dark-eyed juncos in Virginia, and how the population ecology of frogs and toads is changing in Big Bend National Park in Texas. Although she enjoyed spending time in the lab and the field, Michele loves teaching, and Phillips Exeter gives her the chance to work with kids from all over the world who share her passion for nature and its workings.

Outside of teaching biology, Michele is the head of Knight House, a boys dorm on campus, and is an assistant coach for the track team. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, running, rock climbing, working in the garden, hiking, reading, and scratching her dog under the chin.