Paul B. Langford

Instructor in Classical Languages
Clerk of the Trustees
George Shattuck Morison Professor of Latin
Paul B. Langford


M.A. Princeton University

Ph.D. Princeton University

B.A. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill


Mr. Langford (Paul) grew up in Florida and studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and then Princeton, where he did his doctoral research on Horace’s Satires.

Since coming to Exeter in 1985, he has taught courses at all levels in Latin and Greek and served as chair of the Department of Classical Languages from 1996 to 2009. For nearly 10 years, he led groups of Exeter students on study tours in Italy and Greece, and now regularly travels to Italy on the department’s Rome Study Tour. In addition to presenting some of the ancient sites and artifacts, he especially enjoys introducing students to Renaissance and baroque artworks in Rome, such as the paintings of Caravaggio and the city’s churches, piazzas and fountains. He works on books and course materials produced by the department and he also coaches the boys JV squash team.

After serving as resident faculty member and dormitory head in Peabody Hall for 10 years, Mr. Langford moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In recent years his interest in Korean language and history has led him to travel and study in South Korea during the summer.