P. Fermin Perez-Andreu

Chair of the Department of Modern Languages
William Woodbridge Teaching Chair
Pedro Fermin Perez-Andreu

"Teaching makes me learn new things constantly. I get interested in discovering more about different topics — and then I love to be able to share those discoveries with my students."


B.A. Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

M.A. Middlebury College


Señor Pérez is originally from Málaga, Spain. He did his undergraduate studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and completed a master’s degree in Spanish language at Middlebury College after moving to the United States with his wife, Ellen Glassner, who is also a Spanish teacher at Exeter. Before arriving at Exeter he taught middle school drama and Spanish at Ruxton Country School in Baltimore, and high school Spanish at Park School, also in the same city.

Señor Pérez started teaching Spanish at Exeter in 1999. Since then he has been a dorm head, coached both boys and girls JV soccer teams, worked as an admissions officer and served as a member of the Discipline Committee. He and his wife live in Woodbridge House with their son and daughter, Miguel and Paula, and little Charlie, a Boston terrier.

Señor Pérez is interested in the arts. During his free time he enjoys doing graphic art. He is currently working on creating a book with graphic tales for language students based on classic stories of Spanish-language literature. He is also very interested in the study of humanity, which makes him some kind of history-anthropologist aficionado who might love to talk to you about Australopithecus evolution or the clash between Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons.