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Petra Pacaric

Instructor in Music
Petra Pacaric


M.M. Boston Conservatory

M.A. Innsbruck Conservatory of Music


Teaching voice to me means helping young singers to find their own unique voices, to open their ears for new sounds and songs, to broaden their musical horizons, and to become the musical selves they aspire to be.

Ms. Pacaric grew up surrounded by music and abundant family-music-making from her early childhood on. During that time up to her teenage years, any musical style was worth exploring, from listening to the oldies albums on her grandmother’s old record player to the more sophisticated classical radio stations back home in Austria. Ms. Pacaric entered the field of classical music with the goal of nurturing her great passion for serious performing and exploring different styles of music. After earning her graduate degrees, she performed with numerous major opera companies and orchestras in and around Boston, and as a recitalist, building a vast body of vocal repertoire. At the same time, she sang with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and at Carnegie Hall, joining world-class conductors and instrumentalists. Her interest in diverse styles of music kept growing, resulting in the addition of other genres, such as cabaret and jazz, to her performance activities.

Teaching voice has always been part of Ms. Pacaric’s professional path. Enjoying this creative aspect of sharing her vocal knowledge and experience, she works with young singers exactly where they are at any given moment, catering to their vocal needs while shaping realistic goals to fulfill these needs.

After long stretches of teaching and performing, Ms. Pacaric enjoys recharging with yoga and yard work, as well as restoration projects of small furniture, knitting and cooking.