High Contrast

High Contrast:
The Charcoal Works of Gordon D. Chase '66

September 15 – December 31, 2020
Virtual Exhibition

“Black and white together on a page create stunning visual contrasts. Whether through highly expressive gesture or subtle gradation of tone, the richness of charcoal images resonates emotionally and powerfully. And they suit perfectly the intent of the artist, Gordon D. Chase, in his examinations and interrogations of human behavior. 

This exhibition will have multiple releases each month. You can view the September and October content below. In November, the High Contrast series will feature a third installment highlighting different stages of his nearly 50-year artist/teacher saga.”


Wes LaFountain ‘69
Guest Curator

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"Each moment of human interaction, whether simple and intimate, or catastrophic or miraculous, puts our belief in the sacredness of life to the test."

~ Gordon D. Chase

Crashes, Upheavals, and Crises

Artist Talk with Gordon D. Chase '66

View the recording of this artist talk from October 15, 2020...


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