Campus abuzz as summer session begins

Exeter Summer welcomes more than 600 students to its 104th edition.

July 5, 2022

Exeter’s classrooms, dormitories, lawns and pathways buzzed back to life this week with arrival of the 104th year of Exeter Summer.

Over the course of five weeks, more than 600 learners between the seventh and 12th grades will dip their toes into Harkness and explore topics of their choosing. It is a stress-free learning environment absent grades but filled with discovery.

The youngest students on campus are part of the ACCESS EXETER program, which offers accelerated in one of nine themed “clusters” of three courses that tackle a topic through different disciplines. Seventh- and eighth-graders collaborate on passion subjects like leadership and justice, the natural world and creative design all while sharpening their skills of observation and expression.

In the UPPER SCHOOL program, high school-aged students design their own academic curriculum choosing from a diverse offering of courses as well as college preparation opportunities. Afternoons are filled with sports and activities and music lessons for all ages.

Exeter Summer runs through Aug. 5.


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