Evan Anderman offers students new perspective

As part of Climate Action Day programming, students photographed the systems that keep Exeter's campus running.

Jennifer Wagner
July 26, 2019
Evan Anderman leads students on a photography tour of campus

Evan Anderman '83 leads students on a photography tour during his Climate Action Day workshop, "In Plain Sight."

You live in a dorm, it’s warm, there are lights and running water,” began Evan Anderman ’83.

“What’s happening behind the scenes to make that happen? Have you ever thought about that?” To bring attention to the unheralded and underappreciated systems that keep the Academy running, the social-landscape photographer led nearly 40 students on an unconventional campus tour during his “In Plain Sight” Climate Action Day workshop in April. Along the way, the group got up close and personal with facilities buildings, generators, water retention ponds, and yes, the trash and recycling bins behind the dining halls. 

“The point of the work,” Anderman said, as students snapped pictures with their cellphones, “is to show people what it takes to support our lifestyle and to make them curious about it and ask questions.” Each image, he said, should be beautiful and also carry a message. 

“I ride behind Wetherell every day going to crew, but I never stopped to really look,” said Samantha Olmsted ’19. “Now I will be much more aware of what’s going on.”

A collection of the images captured during the walkabout were posted outside Mayer Auditorium, and some are represented below. Can you tell where they were taken?