Exonians in review: Summer 2023

July 26, 2023

Alumni are encouraged to advise the Bulletin editor (bulletin@exeter.edu) of their own publications, recordings, films, etc., in any field, and those of their classmates, for inclusion in future Exonians in Review columns. Please send a review copy of your published work to the editor to be considered for an extended profile in future issues. Works can be sent to: Phillips Exeter Academy, The Exeter Bulletin, 20 Main Street, Exeter, NH 03833.                             



1953—Luigi Einaudi. Learning Diplomacy: An Oral History. (Xlibris, 2023)

1959—Don Burnes, with Kevin F. Adler. When We Walk By: Forgotten Humanity, Broken Systems, and the Role We Can Each Play in Ending Homelessness in America. (North Atlantic Books, 2023)

1962—George Berger. Chasing Justice: A Legal Thriller. (Acorn Publishing, 2022)

1965—Ridge Kennedy. The Rules: Money Management for the 21st Century. (Self-published, 2022)

1966—Tom Archer, editor. Obstetric Anesthesia: A Case-Based and Visual Approach. (Springer, 2020)

1970—Andrew Laszlo. Footnote to History: From Hungary to America, The Memoir of a Holocaust Survivor. (Outskirts Press, 2023)

1981—Claudia Putnam. “Firebirds” and “5 Earthquake,” poems. (Good River Review, Issue 5, spring 2023)

1983—Doug Mayer. The Race That Changed Running: The Inside Story of UTMB. (Helvetiq, 2023)

1984—Scott Schang, coeditor. Governing for Sustainability. (Environmental Law Institute, 2023)

1987—Katherine Dauge-Roth, co-editor. Stigma: Marks on Skin in the Early Modern World. (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2023)

1989—Jason Fulman, with Persi Diaconis. The Mathematics of Shuffling Cards. (American Mathematical Society, 2023)

1991—Dorn Cox, with Courtney White. The Great Regeneration:  Ecological Agriculture, Open-Source Technology, and a Radical Vision of Hope. (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2023)

1993—Aomawa Shields. Life on Other Planets: A Memoir of Finding My Place in the Universe. (Viking Books, 2023)

1994—Debby Herbenick. Yes, Your Kid: What Parents Need to Know About Today's Teens and Sex. (BenBella Books, 2023)

1996—Eirene Donohue, writer. A Tourist’s Guide to Love, movie. (Netflix, 2023)

2007—Kelly Hoffer. Undershore: Poems. (Lightscatter Press, 2023)


Matt W. Miller. “Plodding Through,” poem. (Rhino Poetry, 2023)

—“An Act of the Mind,” poem. (Five Points: A Journal of Literature & Art, 2023)

—“Graduated,” poem. (Narrative, 2023)