Full speed ahead on summer break

Exeter students embrace PEA's Global Initiatives programs, from New Orleans and Yellowstone, to Iceland and Italy.

June 5, 2019
Exonians are currently exploring Iceland, Italy, Yellowstone, New Orleans and Germany.

Exonians are currently exploring Iceland, Italy, Yellowstone, New Orleans and Germany.

An Exeter student’s exploration and discovery doesn’t stop on summer break, but some of it requires a valid passport.

More than 120 students, as well as members of the faculty and staff, will travel this summer through PEA’s Global Initiatives experiential programs.

From rolling up sleeves in an archaeological dig on ground Julius Caesar once trod; to studying the effects of climate change on Icelandic glaciers; to helping New Orleans continue to recover from a once-in-a-lifetime flood; Exeter students will trade in Harkness tables for hands-on research.

Here are some of the experiential programs planned:

May 31 to June 10
Twelve Exonians have an opportunity to immerse themselves in Icelandic history and culture while studying climate change and related environmental issues through the dual lenses of science and the humanities. Follow the trip on Instagram
Yellowstone National Park
June 1-7
Students encounter the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem first-hand in a trip of two components: Two days spent on a cattle ranch owned by Jeff Laszlo ’72 and then day trips into the national park working with instructors from Yellowstone Forever. Topics covered will include wolf reintroduction, grizzly bear conservation and the bison fertility challenges. Follow the trip on Instagram
Orvieto, Italy
June 2-29
To really engage with the ancient past, students need to get their hands dirty. Archaeology can answer important questions that literature cannot, especially about the habits and beliefs of non-elite Greeks and Romans as seen by the artifacts and buildings they left behind. Four rising seniors will join an excavation project at two sites: an Etrusco-Roman settlement and a 2,500-year-old Etruscan pyramidal structure under the city.
New Orleans
June 2-8
Sixteen Exonians join a hands-on service project in a city still coping with lasting effects of Hurricane Katrina. Students will help rebuild homes, gardens, community parks, and participate in neighborhood revitalization projects while meet homeowners and community members who were negatively impacted by the hurricane 14 years ago. Follow the trip on Instagram
Berlin, Germany
June 1-22, 2019
After 70 years of dramatic change, Berlin is arguably one of Europe’s most dynamic cities. Fourteen students will work directly with people behind small businesses in communications, life sciences and environmental services, renewable energy, media and music, and more. Students also will take classes at CIEE Berlin Global Institute, a former factory that serves as a hub for the arts and digital technology in the city. Follow the trip on Instagram
Bibracte, France
June 29 to July 20
Eight students will spend two weeks participating in a hands-on archaeological field school at the site of an ancient Gallic settlement. Bibracte was the site of Vercingetorix's proclamation as the leader of the Gallic coalition against Julius Caesar and his armies. After defeating the Gauls in 52 B.C., Caesar retired to the town to finish writing his war commentary, De Bello Gallico.
Tokyo, Japan
July 17-31
A dozen students will visit Tokyo, and Kyoto, living with Japanese host families, explore the cities and visiting Japanese universities with BA programs taught in English. Students will visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and listen to a talk by a survivor. In Kyoto, students will attend a meditation at a Zen temple and participate in a tea ceremony.