Social media softens impact of social distancing

Pop-up accounts on Instagram and beyond keep the Exeter community connected.

Patrick Garrity
April 8, 2020

When life gives you lemons, launch an Instagram account.

The Exeter community has "gathered" online to keep their connections alive during the isolation of the COVID-19 outbreak. One way Exonians are coping is on Instagram, where new accounts have popped up in the days since spring term went virtual.  

Here are some of our favorites:


Bio: Follow PEA seniors Leah, Rose, Lilly, Tatum, Sophia, Sam, and Carly on their self isolating culinary journey!
Launch: March 14

Even before Principal Rawson announced the decision to move the entirety of spring term to online learning, @quarantinecookz was off and cooking. "Hellooooooo food fanz!!!!!!!!! We decided to make the most of our time away from school and become MASTER CHEFS!! Please enjoy." Rose Coviello's spinach ricotta parmesan tortellini (made from scratch) kicked off an account that has served up more than 70 posts and gathered nearly 250 followers in its first three weeks.



Bio: Exeter artists fostering community and positivity in our isolation
Launch: March 28

The goal of this art challenge "is to encourage everyone to stay home, stay connected and stay positive :)" Each day, the organizers post a prompt to "draw something you're looking forward to" or "draw something based on a song you like to listen to." "Art has always been a way for people to connect and it is all the more important in these uncertain and challenging times that we stay strong as a community and support each other. Let’s flatten the curve!"



Bio: Hi. I'm Louie.
Launch: March 21

These are just gratuitous puppy photos, right? Yes. What's your point? Science Instructor Ross Brodsky is chronicling the travels of his black lab pup.  



Bio: My name is Roger (after Federer), and I am the little brother of @thedailykip !
Launch: March 23

Not be outdone by Mr. Brodsky and Louie, English Instructor Tyler Caldwell launched an account to show off his new pooch a few days before classes resumed online. You might not be able to be on campus, but Roger is and ... He. Is. Adorable.


Beyond Instagram

The students' social-media platform of the moment is not the only place the Exeter community has gone to commiserate digitally. 

Chris Thurber, associate director of Counseling and Psychological Services, is showing off the musical talents of his sons, Dacha '20 and Sava '22, in nightly serenades (and banter) on Facebook called "2 Da Beat." The boys' performances are serving double duty: Soothing cabin fever while also raising money for the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras. The live shows can be found at 7 p.m. ET on Facebook. The back episodes are here on YouTube