JD Jean-Jacques

Year of Graduation: 
JD Jean-Jacques

“It’s those spontaneous conversations in the dorm where I learn the most about myself and about others.”

Why Exeter?

During my visits to Exeter to see my sisters [Chandler ’19 and Taylor ’16], I really got to see the community and the interactions between students and faculty. There was an intellectual curiosity that was universal on campus. That’s something I hadn’t experienced at my last school. I knew I would thrive in that environment.

Faculty Support

I remember my ninth grade year, I was struggling with bio, and my teacher reached out to me in this long email, encouraging me to keep going. I think of that connection, even today. From an early point, faculty are very supportive. … They have a passion for teaching. You can’t be an effective teacher if you don’t have connections with the students, and I think every faculty [member] has recognized that. They’re a big part of why you develop as not only students, but as people.

Dorm Connections

My most genuine conversations happen in the dorm. Late nights especially. I know my interest in philosophy came [from] talking with a few other students. We just went on for hours about different subjects. It’s those spontaneous conversations in the dorm where I learn the most about myself and about others. 

Personal Growth

I’ve become more of a people person at Exeter. Being here has encouraged me to be that person, and to learn about people and learn about what they have to say about things. … Being around different people and having conversations that really stimulate the thought process have helped me understand who I am more as a person. And that has come through in classes and in interactions with friends and teachers.

Biggest Takeaway

Be bold. Be courageous with venturing out into new extracurriculars and new interests. This is a place to discover yourself. If you can't imagine what you want your future to look like, you can't come anywhere near it. Learning how to envision what I want to develop into, how I want to mature, and taking the steps to get there, have been crucial for me at Exeter.