Study Abroad for the Term

Curricular Global Learning

Study abroad for a term with fellow Exonians. Become fluent in French, take a walk in Shakespeare’s shoes, ski in the Alps with your German classmates, or study Latin among Roman ruins.

two smiling people in front of snow covered mountains

Exonians have been attending Theodor-Heuss Gymnasium since 1978, making Göttingen the oldest of Exeter’s term abroad programs. Located in Lower Saxony, Göttingen, with a population of 130,000, is almost at the geographical center of Germany. As such, it is well served by public transportation and an easy starting point to discover the many regions of Germany. At THG, Exonians are enrolled in German and English Literature classes, a special Göttingen seminar, and four courses of their choice. Each student also enrolls in a sport and may participate in clubs and activities offered at the school. Exonians also accompany their German classmates for a weeklong ski trip to Austria. Student live with host families. Open to seniors.

Winter term: January to March.

Picture of the Globe Theater

This program, unique to Exeter, is centered in Warwickshire near Stratford-Upon-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare. Students and the resident director live in cottages at Furzen Hill Farm. While on the program, students have the opportunity to live and study in a foreign culture; read plays and see them performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Globe in London, and other venues; study eras of British history; and to travel to important sites related to the curriculum. Warwickshire is only 90 miles northwest of London, and the cities of Birmingham, Oxford, Bristol and Bath are just a day trip away. Open to seniors.

Fall term: September through November.

A group of students gathered outside for a photo in Grenoble, France

Exeter’s program in France offers students the opportunity to stay with a host family in the 2,000-year-old city of Grenoble, situated at the foot of the French Alps. Students perfect their accent while living with host families and spending their days immersed in the language. They take five courses taught by local instructors, including French history and art, theater, linguistics and more. This central location allows for weekend trips to the coast, Paris, Switzerland and Spain, all a short bus or train ride away. Open to seniors.

Fall term: September through November.

The Island School, The Bahamas
Students in the water all looking at a sea creature

Exeter partners with The Island School on the island of Eleuthera to offer students and immersive experience in the natural and cultural landscape of one of the planet’s most beautiful places. The 100-day program is place-based and experiential, and students take courses in scientific research, including a field component, and the humanities. The term also features physical and outdoor education programs, including kayak or sailing expeditions, and a 48-hour wilderness solo experience. This program offers deep exploration of leadership, sustainability, community, sense of place and sense of self. Open to uppers and seniors.

Fall term: September to December.


At once ultra-modern and centuries-old, Tokyo offers never-ending avenues of exploration. Flashing lights and the latest technology share city blocks with ancient temples and traditions. Exonians study Japanese, take classes at Seikei High School, and participate in clubs and activities at the school. Students live host families and will have opportunities to explore the country on school trips to Kyoto and Hiroshima and experience Japanese culture first-hand. Open to seniors.

Fall term: September through November.

Spanish classical buildings taken from above

Students immerse themselves in Spanish language and culture in while living in Madrid, the political, economic and cultural center of Spain and the second-largest city in the European Union. Students live with a host family and attend the Colegio Santa Maria la Blanca in the city's Montecarmelo neighborhood. The program offers courses in Spanish literature, grammar and culture, history, economics, philosophy, math and science. While in Spain, students visit the historically rich and culturally diverse cities of Barcelona, Sevilla, Toledo, Salamanca and San Sebastian. Open to seniors.

Winter term: January to March.

Students gathered for a photo in front of a Roman bridge in Italy

While in Italy, students study the classics among the ruins of the Roman empire. This Classical immersion program in Rome emphasizes the study of Latin, Greek, Roman topography and classical literature. Students spend the winter term attending classes at Istituto Pio IX and St. Stephen's School, and they live together in the city with a resident director. Weekly excursions visit ancient sites and museums, mainly in the city, or in Ostia Antica to the southeast. The final week of the program consists of a weeklong excursion to the Bay of Naples region. Open to uppers and seniors.

Winter term: January to late February.


Spending a term in Callan, Ireland means you’ll live out Exeter’s motto, non sibi (“not for oneself”), on a daily basis. While staying in Callan, you’ll observe and assist professionals in the care of a person with special needs at Ballytobin, a Camphill Community. Founded by Patrick Lydon '68, the community helps teach Exeter students wisdom beyond the classroom. You’ll dive into the vibrant educational and artistic life of this community and record your reflections as Ballytobin leaves a lasting mark on your life.

Domestic Programs

The Mountain School - Vermont
an open plain surrounded by trees and mountains of Vermont

The Mountain School in rural Vershire, Vermont, cultivates a diverse and interdependent community of learners who embrace a place and how take care of it. Throughout spring term, students from all over the country come together to live and work on the school’s farm. Courses provide a demanding, integrated learning experience that takes advantage of the school's small size and mountain campus. Through collaborative learning and shared work, students emerge from their semester prepared to reach beyond the self and focus on the common good. Open to uppers and seniors.

Fall term: Late August to December. Winter/Spring term: Early February through May.

Washington D.C.
Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

On this spring term program, students join the staff of a U.S. senator or representative as a full-time intern and get an insider’s view of life on Capitol Hill. While daily tasks may start out small, students eventually gain access to mentors in the political world, attend hearings, handle correspondence, or even brief aides and elected officials on important issues. For more than 50 years, the Washington Intern Program has helped Exeter seniors see how the legislative branch works, while living and learning in the nation’s capital. Open to seniors.

Spring term: Early March through May.