Phillips Exeter Employee Engagement, Compensation and Development Philosophy

The mission of the school is to unite goodness and knowledge and inspire youth from every quarter to lead purposeful lives. Phillips Exeter Academy's philosophy for employee engagement, compensation and development is aligned with values of excellence, equity, inclusion, and well-being. Our aim is that all adults at Exeter thrive in their work, development and careers; receive adequate training and support for professional development; and feel valued and respected in our community.

The following principles guide our decisions and practices:

Compensation and Benefits packages should attract a high performing and diverse workforce - employees who are committed to the mission and values of the school and have the skills necessary to succeed. Our compensation and benefits should be highly competitive with comparable markets. Benefits should be relevant, flexible and contribute to attracting and retaining employees of the highest talent. Our compensation structures should be transparent, clearly communicated and have the flexibility to recognize outstanding performance.

Employee Development will focus on nurturing careers and providing opportunities for professional growth. All employees will be given clear expectations and will be expected to perform their job responsibilities with proficiency and an appreciation of the importance of their responsibilities and a commitment to excellence. Employees seeking to develop skills and experiences in order to grow and take on new responsibilities will be supported as appropriate. Employees are entitled to clear, honest and timely feedback on the performance of their responsibilities, and will be held accountable for acting on such feedback where a need for improvement has been identified.

Employee Engagement is focused on building connection and supporting the well-being of all employees. Our goal is for employees to feel connected to our community as a whole, that their work has meaning and impact, and that they are appreciated for the work that they do. Employee voice is encouraged and agency is attained through open channels of communication and engagement that support the success of the Academy. The Academy seeks to be a best place to work where all adults have a strong sense of belonging and inclusion, and where there is a common understanding of what it means to do things with a commitment to excellence, personal growth, accountability to oneself and others, respect, gratitude, humility and generosity of spirit. Our Employee Engagement, Compensation and Development philosophy applies to all employees and shall be reviewed periodically to ensure that it aligns with the mission, values and strategic priorities of the school. This is a public document that shall be readily available to current and prospective employees.