The Center for Teaching & Learning

Teaching. Experimenting. Sharing.

Our mission is to learn how we can learn most effectively, to learn how we can teach most effectively and to share our practice and expertise with schools interested in our ever-evolving Harkness model.


Student Learning

A Harkness education cultivates a growth mindset and a desire to learn from one’s peers and adults. The Learning Center is a natural extension of this work. It offers a space for students to deepen their understanding through academic support and skill development, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

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Resources for Our Students

Faculty Professional Development

As teachers in the Harkness tradition, our faculty are curious and collaborative, introspective and innovative. Professional development and skill-building is supplemented with programs to constantly examine our practices and adopt and share across disciplines the skills, knowledge and tactics that are successful.

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Programs for Educators

We host intensive, week-long workshops each summer for teachers from across the education spectrum. We are a resource for educators who want to try Harkness in their classrooms and we provide tools to assist them in their goals.

Summer Teaching Conferences

Harkness Outreach

Harkness Toolbox

Tools for the Table:

A set of tools developed by Exeter instructors that teachers anywhere can use to observe, assess and enhance classroom participation.

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Harkness in Action:

Watch as Exeter students lean into discussions at the table.

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