Lamont Younger Poets

The Lamont Younger Poets Prize honors poems of exceptional promise written by juniors (ninth-graders) and lowers (10th-graders) at Phillips Exeter Academy. The award is presented in the spring of the year in conjunction with the Lamont Poets Series. The prize commemorates the dedication of English instructor Rex McGuinn to student poetry at Exeter — particularly his encouragement of student poets at the ninth- and tenth-grade levels. In such a spirit, the Lamont Younger Poets Prize seeks to recognize promise as well as achievement in the early years of a student's developing craft.

In conjunction with the reading each year, a chap book is published with the text of the winners' poems. A copy of each year's book is kept in the Library.

Lamont Younger Poets by Year:


Winners of the 1st Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2004

Paul Capobianco ‘06

Hillary Fitzgerald ‘07

Hillary Juster ‘06

Jacqueline S. Stephenson ‘06


Winner of the 2nd Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2005

Naomi Funabashi

Delphine d’Amora


Winners of the 3rd Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2006

Tara Burton '09

Nathaniel Chastain '08

Victoria Schmidt-Scheuber '08

Francisco Unger '08


Winners of the 4th Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2007

Max H. de La Bruyere

Gillian B. McLaughlin

Sydney H. Meadow

Samantha S. Reckford


Winners of the 5th Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2008

Jacqueline O. Kay ’10

Jeong Yun Yoon ’10

Lucy X. Yu ’11

Marina Y. Zhou ’10


Winners of the 6th Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2009

James J. Fahey '11

Sophie E. Haigney '12

Alexander P. Olapade '11


Winner of the 7th Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2010

Emma Clarkson ’13

Sophie Haigney ’12

Abby McGarey ’12

Rebecca Millstein ’12


Winners of the 8th Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2011

Marcus Chan ’13

Christina A. Collis ’13

Ravi Jagadeesan ’14

Karen Yuan ’13


Winners of the 9th Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2012

Sarah W. Chisholm '14

Mirella C. Gruesser-Smith '15

Andrew C. Turner '15

Grace Q. Yin '15


Winners of the 10th Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2013

Rachel M. Baxter ’15

Madeline S. Logan ’15

Dong Hyun Ryou ’16

Catherine Zhu ’15


Winners of the 11th Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2014

Antonio Silveira Guanaes Gomes ’16

Jenny Hunt ’17

Ariel Kim ’16

Jacob Pressman ’16           


Winners of the 12th Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2015

Willa Canfield ’18

Carissa Chen ’17

Caroline Grace ’17

Aidan Wolff-King ’17


Winners of the 13th Lamont Younger Poets Prize 2016

Alice Little ’18

Ian Johnson ’18

Conor Moriarty ’18

Anna Grace ’19


Winners of the 14th Lamont Younger Poets Prise 2017 

Bella Alvarez '19

Miles Mikofsky '19

Ayush Noori '20

Mai Hoang '20


Winners of the 15th Lamont Younger Poets Prise 2018 

Anne Brandes ‘21

Mai Hoang ‘20

Ginny Little ‘20

Blane (Xinghan) Zhu ‘20


Winners of the 16th Lamont Younger Poets Prise 2019 

Daniel Chen '22

Scarlett Lin '21

Kendrah Su '22

Felix Yeung '21


Winners of the 17th Lamont Younger Poets Prise 2021

Phillip Avalov '23

Maeve Kennedy '24

Priya Nwakanma '23

Clark Wu '23


Winners of the 18th Lamont Younger Poets Prise 2022 

Elizabeth Catizone 2024

Ava Spaulding 2025

Ariana Thornton 2024

Pranavi Vedula 2025