Library Book Funds

Academy Press Fund

African American Book Fund

The Duane C. Aldrich, 1961, Memorial Book Fund

Stephen F. Altschul Book Fund

Mary Rawson Amen Memorial Collection

The Tucker Andersen Family Book Fund

The Rodney Armstrong Book Fund

The George S. Bain, 1969, Book Fund

The Bennett Family Book Fund

Peter B. Bensinger, 1954, Book Fund

David E. Biltchik, 1954, Library Fund

The Richard Bissell, 1932, Memorial Book Fund

Francis C. M. Bosak, 1927, Book Fund

Francis Bowen Fund

The Bragdon Book Fund (Henry W. Bragdon)

Isidore Brown and Gladys J. Brown Book Fund

Lindsey Stephenson Brown, 1991, Memorial Latin American Book Fund

The William J. Bryant Fund, 1921, Fund

The John D. Calhoun, 1939, Library Fund

Henry M. Canby, 1928, and William M. Canby, 1935, Memorial Book Fund

Christopher Case, 1974, Book Fund

Helen H. Clark Book Fund

Class of 1913 Fund (Library of Fiction Memorial Gift)

Class of 1914 Fund (Library of History Memorial Gift)

Class of 1915 Fund ( Library of Science Memorial Gift)

The Classical Book Fund

The Coffin Book Fund (David D. and Rosemary H. Coffin)

The Cooper Book Fund (Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Cooper, Jr., 1929)

Jack Coughlin, 1940, Great Books of America Fund

The Crawford Fund (Lindsay Crawford, 1919)

Michael Crawford, 1972, Memorial Fund

The Michael Creem, 1949, Book Fund

The Henry D'arcy Curwen Book Fund

Frank William Cushwa Memorial Book Fund

The Day Book Fund (Richard Ward Day)

The Downs Fund (Jean Wood Downs Book Fund)

The Elder Fund (Robert Churchill Elder)

The R. Sherrard Elliot, Jr., 1919, Book Fund

The Justin Vary Emerson, 1931, Book Fund

The Finlayson Book Fund (Donald J., 1930, and Lt. J. G. Ian Edward, 1958)

Nora Elizabeth Folkenflik, 1984, Memorial Book Fund

The Foreign Language Book Fund

William S. Glazier, 1924, and Henry S. Glazier, 1928, Book Fund

The Frank J. Goodwin, 1926, Book Fund

The Philip C. Goodwin, 1925, Memorial Book Fund

The Robert R. Greene, 1940, Memorial Book Fund

The Elizabeth Grilk Book Fund

Robert H. Haley Library Fund

Victor M. Harding, Jr., 1927, Book Fund

The Rolf D. Hartmann, 1951, Memorial Book Fund

The Hatch Fund given on his retirement to Norman I. Hatch

David H. Healey, 1977, Memorial Book Fund

The John Heinz Library Fund (The Hon. H. John Heinz III, 1956)

James N. Hill, 1889, Marine Book Fund

The Howat-Weddle Book Fund (Henry H. Weddle, Jr., 1932)

Icelandica/Old Norse Fund

The Jackson Book Fund (Mae G. Jackson)

The Jacobs Fund (Henry-Barton Jacobs)

Edward B. Jennings, Jr. Memorial Fund

Howard Palmer Johnson Book Fund

Marietta H. Johnson Fund

William R. Jones Book Fund

William B. Kegg, Jr., 1945, Memorial Fund

E. S. Wells Kerr Book Fund

Crawford N. Kirkpatrick, Jr. Memorial Book Fund

Knight Family Book Fund

Harvard V. Knowles Book Fund

Katherine W. H. Kwok, 1995, Book Fund

Lavernoich Russian Book Fund (Lawrence Russell Peter Lavernoich, 1949)

John Allen Leith, 1936, Memorial Book Fund

Chilson H. Leonard Book Fund

Richard W. Leopold Fund

M. Fred Loewenstein, 1928, Foreign Periodical Fund

Philip H. Loughlin, Jr., 1922, Book Fund

Merriam Family Book Fund

Abner I. Merrill Book Fund

The Charles E. Merrill Book Fund

John Stearns Molloy, 1947, Book Fund

Paul Molloy Fund (no plate)

Joseph Eugene Mullin III, 1991, Book Fund

Albert Sidney Burleson Negley, 1931, and Richard Van
Wyck Negley, Jr., 1933, Memorial Fund

The Nancy Stephenson Nichols Book Fund

Peter Osgood Nichols, 1958, Book Fund

Charles and Anna Niebling Book Fund

Richard Frederick Niebling Book Fund

Priscilla Liang Norton, 1975, Book Fund

Edward S. Noyes Book Fund

Other Worlds Library Fund (Henry G. Brown, 1978)

Alton E. Peters, 1951, Book Fund

The Pickard Book Fund (John Coleman Pickard)

W. Sutton Potter, 1947, Book Fund

Eleanor T. Randall Memorial Book Fund

Mrs. Jennie Stirling Robinson Memorial Fund

Paul N. Robinson, 1915, Memorial Book Fund

George Benjamin Rogers Book Fund

George Emlen Roosevelt Book Fund

Julian K. Roosevelt Book Fund

The Saltonstall Fund (Principal William G. Saltonstall, 1924)

The Satterthwaite Book Fund (Russell P. Satterthwaite, 1928)

Mary A. G. Sawyer Library Fund

Michael D. Shagan, 1958, Library Fund

Robert Newman Shapiro, 1968, Book Fund

J. L. Sibley Book Fund

Stanley Shepard, Jr., 1923, Book Fund

The Isobel Turnbull Silin Memorial Library Fund

Ensign Winthrop Floyd Smith, 1913, Fund

Elizabeth F. Stephenson Poetry Fund

James H. Stephenson, 1937, Memorial Book Fund

Eric Payson Stevens, 1965, Memorial Book Fund

J. Sydney Stone, 1919, Book Fund

The Stuckey Book Fund

The Sutherland Fund (Lt. James F. Sutherland, Jr., 1940)

Siadhal Sweeney, 1955, Book Fund

Brook D. Tarbel, 1943, Book Fund

Benjamin M. Tenaglia, Sr. Memorial Book Fund

Charles L. Terry Book Fund

The Thomas Book Fund (David E. Thomas)

The Carl E. Walter, 1966, Book Fund

The Wellington D. Watters, 1973, Book Fund

The Jacob F. Weintz, 1911, Memorial Book Fund

The Karl and Frances Weiss Library Fund

The White Book Fund

The Williams Fund (Louis Gerry Williams, 1960)