Why I give.

From supporting financial aid to designating your gift to the arts, athletics or Global Initiatives, your generosity ensures Exeter stays, well, Exeter. Hear from your fellow Exonians about why they donate to the Academy.

Benjamin Cai '20

"As a former student on financial aid, I give back to Exeter so that future Exonians will have more opportunities to explore their interests in and out of the classroom whether it's through sports, summer abroad trips, The Exonian, the dorms (Abbot Hall!), and the supportive faculty and staff. Exeter expanded my horizons and gave me the confidence to pursue my interests and make a difference. I hope my support will help new Exonians achieve their goals."

Dhruva Nistane '19

"I give because the Exeter experience is truly a transformative one."

Chiara Perotti '18

"I give back to Exeter because it has given me a community of a lifetime! I hope younger generations will have the same opportunities I had when I was on campus."

Ragini Luthra '12

"While I had an incredible experience at Exeter, I also recognize all the ways in which Exeter should and does strive to be better — and that these initiatives are expensive. I feel particularly strongly about increasing the diversity of the student body through improved financial aid and recruiting efforts, as well as creating resources to support students with underrepresented identities once they are on campus. I hope that my annual gift can help fund these efforts."

Emily Hadley '11

"Financial aid made it possible for me to attend Exeter. I credit my Exeter education with providing me the knowledge and confidence to dream big and build a life that I love. I give to Exeter so that current students can benefit from similar financial support on their own educational journeys."

Shanique Nickel '05

"My prep year at Exeter began in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. It was difficult to start high school and be far away from family, friends, and my home at such a scary time. During those first few months at Exeter, I experienced a community that intentionally tries to provide the best support for its members.

"Since that time, I’ve seen the Exeter community consistently strive to uphold that value of support and non sibi. And as an alum, I’ve witnessed the lasting and rippling influence the Exeter community has on its members and the communities they inhabit. I know that when I give financially to my Exeter community, I’m donating towards a community committed to values that I believe can have lifelong beneficial impacts on many communities around the world."