Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) seeks to create and collaborate on inclusive learning environments inside and outside of the classroom by fostering greater understanding around topics of: race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, ability, religion, spirituality and other aspects of identity. OMA programs support students, and provide opportunities for education and engagement. By exploring differences and similarities, celebrating diversity, and encouraging intergroup dialogue, we nurture a community that is culturally aware and inclusive.

OMA staff and faculty serve as primary advisers for culture and affinity groups, including La Alianza Latina (LAL), the Afro-Latino Exonian Society (ALES), Asian Advisory Board (AAB), International Student Alliance (ISA) and International Student Alliance Board (ISAB). OMA also works closely with Student Activities to help plan and execute various activities, including International Day, Asian Night Market, Asian Dinner, International Tea, the Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA) Carnival, dinners sponsored by LAL and ALES, and more.

The Dean of Multicultural Affairs is a member of the administrative team, and works closely with proctors, student listeners, the student council and all academy departments to educate the community about equity, diversity and inclusion. The Dean sits on many committees, including: Health and Wellness, Academic Advising, Assembly Committee and the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Committee. All of these play an important role in supporting students and the equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives in our community.

Meet the OMA team

Hadley Camilus

Hadley S. Camilus

Associate Dean of Multicultural Affairs
Sherry A. Hernandez

Sherry A. Hernandez

Dean of Multicultural Affairs
Joanne Lembo

Joanne G. Lembo

Director of Student Activities
Jennifer Smith

Jennifer L. Smith

International Student Coordinator

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