Academic Support

At Exeter, you’ll find yourself learning around a Harkness table, with a small group of classmates. Your teacher will guide you — both as a group of learners, and as an individual.

From day one, you’ll work closely with your adviser. You’ll meet regularly — at least weekly, but often more frequently — to discuss everything from coursework to social life and personal concerns. Faculty members live in housing on campus or nearby, making it easy to check in with advisers and other faculty as often as you want. For some students, that’s daily. Advisers connect with parents, providing an essential link between family and school.

It's never too early or too late to learn how to learn."
Learning Specialist Jonathan Nydick

Sometimes students need a bit of extra help in an academic subject. Teachers are always available to answer questions and provide help related to specific courses. Many students seek assistance from peers — often tutors in The Learning Center or friends who have already taken the subject. And Learning Specialist Jonathan Nydick works with students in select content areas and in study skills development, including memory, note-taking, test-taking, reading and time management.

The Learning Center

Open days, evenings and some weekend hours, the Learning Center provides individualized help to all interested students. Instructors and peer tutors offer help in math, science, languages and paper writing. There is no charge for these services, and you can come as often as you want.


The Math Center offers opportunities to receive help from peers and math teachers. This is a great space to work and do homework even if you do not have questions.


The Language Center offers one-on-one meetings with adult staff members and also has student proctors to assist in a range of modern and classical languages.


The Writing Center offers one-on-one meetings with adult staff members to work on any sort of writing — college essays, English papers, history essays and more.

Peers for peers

Our peer tutoring program runs Sunday-Thursday from 7-9:30 p.m. in Phillips Hall.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who are otherwise qualified for admission to Exeter will be supported with documented accommodations that are consid­ered reasonable in this educational setting. Requests for accommodations should be made to Jonathan Nydick, learning specialist and coordinator of academic support. See the Ebook for more information on applying for accommodations.

More Student Support

College Counseling

A team of college counselors help you explore your interests, passions and aspirations.

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Health Care & Counseling

On-campus health center with friendly medical and counseling staff is available to all students, with 24/7 on-call care.

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Focus on Well-being

We promote healthy development in all aspects of students’ lives. Learn about our programming.

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