Covid-19 Athletic Policies

Phillips Exeter Academy is committed to keeping our community and our competitors as safe as possible. Below you will find the current protocols the Academy has adopted in order to provide a safe environment for athletics participation. These policies may be updated throughout the year as conditions warrant. 

Vaccination & Testing
  • All PEA students, coaches, and athletics personnel are required to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus unless they qualify for a medical or religious exemption, in which case they will be tested twice weekly.
  • Any individual whose vaccination is in process or who has been exempted from vaccination for medical or religious reasons is considered unvaccinated. The standard for an individual to be “fully vaccinated” is 2 weeks past a final dose (second dose for a two-dose regimen). 
  • Referees and officials of PEA contests will be vaccinated unless they have an approved medical or religious exemption, in which case they will be tested within 36 hours of officiating. 
Eligibility for Play
  • Certain league and non-league opponents may have more restrictive policies that do not allow unvaccinated players, coaches, or personnel to participate. In all cases, the more restrictive policy will govern the competition, whether home or away.
Face Covering
  • Coaches, personnel, fans and other visitors must wear masks at all times inside of PEA buildings, regardless of vaccination status. This includes spectator areas, playing areas for indoor sports, restrooms, and locker rooms. 
  • Players participating in an official contest do not need to wear a mask while playing.
  • Masks are not required for visitors outdoors on campus. Spectators should allow comfortable distancing and avoid large, tightly packed groups. 
  • Unvaccinated players, coaches, and personnel may be required to mask during competition, based on agreed-upon policies between schools.
Indoor Facility Use
  • Home and visiting spectators may enter Academy buildings to use restroom facilities. Indoor gathering or loitering is not allowed. Outdoor restroom facilities will also be available for use. 
  • Locker and team rooms will be made available only when necessary.
  • Food or drink may not be consumed indoors.
  • Students should not share water bottles. Multi-fill water stations or touch-less water jugs will be available for teams to fill their water bottles. 
Away Games
  • Schools may have different policies than those in effect at PEA, including prohibitions on unvaccinated spectators, required proof of vaccination to enter campus, or more strict regulations regarding access to campus buildings. 
  • Visiting spectators should consult the host school’s website for information about policies that may apply and expect that policies may change at any time during the season.

We will work with peer schools to monitor conditions and protocols. Competing institutions, please share your protocols with Jay Tilton – - in the Physical Education and Athletic Department and/or Adam E Hernandez  - - in Health Services. 


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