All in a move-in day's work

Wentworth Hall proctors and dorm faculty lend helping hands as students return to campus.

Adam Loyd
September 5, 2019
Play VideoExeter students greet each other outside of Wentworth Hall

Click the play button to hear proctors' words of wisdom for new students. 

“Do y’all need help with anything?” Sam Farnsworth ’20 calls out to a passing group with a noticeable Texan twang from the porch of Wentworth Hall. The Austin native and dorm proctor is on duty and eager to assist students and their families during dorm move-in day. 

Flanked by fellow proctors Will Coogan ’20 and Jinwoo Kang ’20, Farnsworth springs into action and lightens the load of a new student’s father carrying an ambitious armful of groceries. Outfitted in red shirts with the phrase “I’m a leader: follow me” printed across the back, the trio spends the morning helping out in whatever way is needed while welcoming 17 boarding students new to Wentworth Hall. 

As seniors, the boys know the campus and town of Exeter well and are quick with suggestions when new lower Will Gephart ’22 and his mother pass by on their way to find some lunch.

“Las Olas,” one recommends.

“Lexi’s,” says another. 

“Green Bean,” says the third. 

In the moment, no consensus is reached, but Gephart and his mother set out toward town after being assured they “can’t go wrong” with any of the proposed options. 

A short while later, a facilities truck with a bed full of homeware ambles down the pathway and comes to a stop next to the Wentworth steps. Utilizing maintenance trucks and carts for “car door to front door” delivery is part of a new move-in day procedure, a process dorm head and Science Instructor Sean Campbell remarks is going “pretty smooth.” Farnsworth, Coogan and Kang, along with Campbell and dorm faculty and Physical Education Instructor Tim Mitropoulos make quick work of unloading bags and boxes and getting them up to the corresponding room on the dorm’s fourth floor.  

The group is back downstairs in time to greet the owner of the belongings, Keanan Andrews ‘23, as he walks into his new home for the first time. The Atlanta native is one of twelve preps joining Wentworth Hall for the 2019-20 school year. Andrews and his parents waste no time in getting his room set up. 

Down one floor, Charlie Lavallee ’22 and his father begin the process of hanging decorations in his room, most notably his prized summer acquisition — a mounted deer bust. The lower explains that he bagged the buck during a recent hunting excursion in Texas.

Charlie Lavallee and his dad admire his mounted deer bust

Back outside, Jasper Yu ’20 has taken over proctor responsibilities for the afternoon shift and helps a new student’s father break down boxes and haul them to the recycling bins. Yu returns to his post just as two students pass with trays full of leftover pastries. After a brief negotiation, Yu acquires a couple dozen raspberry danishes and just as many snickerdoodle bars — a total score. They go quickly.   

With the majority of students settled in, Campbell calls a meeting for new students and their parents. Exceeding the capacity of the common space, the gathering moves outside to accommodate the group. The meeting begins as each of the seven dorm proctors provides a mix of words of wisdom and humorous stories about dorm life. Topics range from how to be a respectful dorm mate to visitation rules before Yu explains what to do if you are making a protein shake too close to a window fan and end up inhaling a large amount of powder — the answer: Go to the health center, you’ll be fine. 

Campbell and dorm faculty members Mitropoulos, Associate Dean of Multicultural Affairs Hadley Camilus, Director of Student Activities Joanne Lembo, Physical Education Instructor Don Mills and Teaching Intern in the Music Department Jerome Walker then took time to introduce themselves, give an update on the dorm’s ongoing building improvements and take questions. The group makes plans to reconvene for dinner at Elm Street Dining Hall, dispersing just before an afternoon shower soaks the sidewalk.