Faces of Exeter dorm life

Hear how being connected with one dorm for your entire time at Exeter makes dorm living unique, inclusive and fun. 

October 21, 2019
an advising meeting in progress

Ms. Soucy, McConnell Hall

Michelle Soucy exeter faculty

The way that our dorm team works together, and the different skills that each of us has, fits together like a puzzle and creates an environment that helps support our students."
Ms. Soucy

Dorm Head

Dorm heads develop a safe and welcoming living environment for their residents. They work closely with dorm faculty and student proctors to create dorm-based programming and plan activities for their students. 

Mr. Reavill, Wentworth Hall

As a former student, I know how challenging the academic pace of life is at Exeter. I try to support all of the students with classwork and extracurricular pursuits.”
Mr. Reavill

Avery reavell exeter faculty

Dorm Faculty

Dorm faculty ensure the comfort and well-being of students and assist in tasks such as nightly student check-in. As members of dorm faculty, resident advisers provide an academic resource for students. 

Gabby, Senior, Langdell Hall


A leadership position for seniors, proctors work with dorm heads and dorm faculty to plan activities. Proctors also provide guidance and advice for younger students in the dorm.

When I was prep, I looked up to the proctors. Now that I’m a proctor, I enjoy encouraging younger students and creating a welcoming environment."

gabby brown exeter student

Jinwoo, Upper, Wentworth Hall

Student Listener

Student listeners provide peer-based support within each dorm. They receive training on how to engage with dorm mates and the types of resources available should a student wish to continue the conversation with a professional.

jinwoo kang exeter student

I make myself known as someone who is approachable. I think it’s natural for students to want to talk through issues, large or small, with a peer."

Johanna, Lower, McConnell Hall

Johanna exeter student

Every Sunday night we make brownies in our dorm. It’s a real bonding experience when we’re all together in the common room eating and hanging out.”

Dorm Fun

From the structured to the spontaneous, dorm fun comes in many forms. Whether it's planned outings like ice skating in Portsmouth or a night in watching a movie with friends, there are plenty of ways to enjoy free time with dorm mates.

Charlie, Prep, Wentworth Hall

The structure is great because all of the grades are integrated. On the first day I was instantly welcomed by the older students. Our dorm is pretty tight."


Dorm = Family

Students remain in the same dorm for the duration of their time at Exeter. Younger students benefit from the presence of older students who have grown into leadership roles. As dorm affiliates, day students are encouraged to participate in residential life.