Dorm-room living is in the details

For nearly 900 Exeter students, boarding is a big part of boarding school.

September 13, 2018
Humu Braimah '19 is a proctor in Merrill Hall.

Humu Braimah '19 is a proctor in Merrill Hall.

Exeter's boarding students — 884 strong this year — fill 25 dorms across campus. Many reside in large, brick resident halls like Bancroft and Wentworth with up to 60 neighbors each. Others share smaller houses such as Dow, Dutch or Moulton with a dozen or fewer residents. Either way, students might spend as much as half of every day in their room sleeping, studying and hanging out.

These spaces are an Exonians' home away from home from early September till the last of May, so it makes sense that students personalize them as much possible. Humu Braimah '19 is a four-year senior from Bronx, New York, who wasted little time last week getting comfortable in her third-floor single. She let us in to share some of the details behind the TLC she gave her room.