Exonians in review: Fall 2023

October 29, 2023

Alumni are encouraged to advise the Bulletin editor (bulletin@exeter.edu) of their own publications, recordings, films, etc., in any field, and those of their classmates, for inclusion in future Exonians in Review columns. Please send a review copy of your published work to the editor to be considered for an extended profile in future issues. Works can be sent to: Phillips Exeter Academy, The Exeter Bulletin, 20 Main Street, Exeter, NH 03833.

1956—William Peace. Nebrodi Mountains: The Billionaire and the Mafia. (Strategic Book Publishing, 2022)
1968—Anthony Gantner. The City Dionysia. (Norfolk Press, 2023)
1968—John Gentry. Neutering the CIA: Why US Intelligence Versus Trump Has Long-Term Consequences. (Armin Lear Press, 2023)
1969—Richard Maurer. The Woman in the Moon: How Margaret Hamilton Helped Fly the First Astronauts to the Moon. (Roaring Brook Press, 2023)
1971—Dan Hunter. Learning and Teaching Creativity: You Can Only Imagine. (Radio Ranch Press, 2023)
1972—W. Drake McFeely. Books That Live: Norton’s First One Hundred Years. (W.W. Norton & Company, 2023)
1981—Claudia Putnam. Seconds: A Novella. (Neutral Zones Press, 2023)
1982—Judd Kruger Levingston. A Moral Case for Play in K-12 Schools: The Urgency of Advancing Moral Ecologies of Play. (Lexington Books, 2023)
1982—Julie Phillips. The Baby on the Fire Escape: Creativity, Mothering, and the Mind-Baby Problem. (W.W. Norton & Company, 2022)
1991—Sean Mahoney. “Factory Girls,” a rock musical that played at the University of New Hampshire in October.
2001—Mackenzie Hawkins, with Wonchull Park. Nowflow Breath, Movement & Mind: A Living Practice of 3 Nowflow Qualities from 3 Physics Flow Natures. (Thru Publishing, 2023)
2001—Katie Farris. Standing in the Forest of Being Alive, poetry collection. (Alice James Books, 2023)
2008—Amanda Kim, director. Nam June Paik: Moon Is the Oldest TV premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2023.
2015—Lindsey Palmer, assistant. Heart of Stone, film. (Netflix, 2023)
2019—Kristen Richards. as if to return myself to the sea, poetry collection. (Indie Earth Publishing, 2023)

Ralph Sneeden, emeritus English instructor. The Legible Element: Essays. (EastOver Press, 2023)
Chelsea Woodard. At the Lepidopterist’s House. (Southern Indiana Review Press, 2023)

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