Hockey - Girls V

Exeter girls hockey is one of the oldest girls ice hockey programs in the country. Big Red plays against some of the stiffest competition in New England, in addition to hosting an annual winter tournament. Many former Exonians have moved on to compete on the ice at the collegiate level.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
Print Schedule
11/18/20231:30pmNorth Yarmouth Academy (S)Home
12/01/20232:00pmHoosacHomewin symbol4-1
12/06/20233:45pmMilton AcademyAwayL 5-1
12/08/20236:00pmVermont AcademyHomewin symbol3-0expand arrow
12/09/20236:00pmBrewster AcademyHomewin symbol6-2expand arrow
12/10/20231:30pmNorth Yarmouth AcademyHomewin symbol2-1expand arrow
12/13/20233:30pmLawrence AcademyAwaywin symbol5-2expand arrow
12/19/20235:15pmNorth Yarmouth AcademyHomewin symbol4-0expand arrow
01/05/20246:15pmCushing AcademyHomeL 3-0expand arrow
01/06/20242:30pmProctor AcademyHomewin symbol4-0expand arrow
01/10/20244:00pmWorcester AcademyAwaywin symbol6-3expand arrow
01/13/20242:00pmDeerfield AcademyHomeL 4-0expand arrow
01/17/20244:00pmHolderness SchoolAwayL 5-2expand arrow
01/20/20242:00pmNoble & Greenough SchoolHomeL 2-0expand arrow
01/24/20243:30pmTilton SchoolHomewin symbol5-1expand arrow
01/26/20245:30pmRivers SchoolHomeL 2-1expand arrow
01/27/20243:00pmLoomis Chaffee SchoolAwayL 6-1
01/31/20244:45pmDexter SchoolHomeL 3-0expand arrow
02/03/20243:30pmBuckingham Browne & Nichols SchoolHomeL 1-0expand arrow
02/07/20244:00pmKimball Union AcademyHomewin symbol3-1expand arrow
02/10/20242:30pmNew Hampton SchoolHomeT 2-2expand arrow
02/14/20243:00pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAwaywin symbol1-0expand arrow
02/17/20243:00pmSt. Paul’s SchoolHomeT 2-2expand arrow
02/19/20245:00pmBerwick AcademyHomewin symbol6-0expand arrow
02/21/20244:30pmPortsmouth Abbey SchoolHomeL 2-1 (OT)expand arrow
02/24/202412:00pmAndoverAwayL 6-0
02/28/20246:00pmDexter SchoolAwayL 4-0expand arrow
Print Roster
Fuller, Catherine2024Hampton, NH
Perry, Adora2024Warwick, RI 3
Orr, Jocelyn (Captain)2024Bismarck, ND 4
Gray, Maria2026Monona, WI 6
Wu, Yat Tik2025Bethesda, MD 7
Jamani, Soleil2025Manhattan Beach, CA 8
Danielson, Luvy2027Rye, NH 9
Crowley, Sam2027Wilmington, MA 10
Griffith, Mia2026Suwanee, GA 11
Chen, Jessica2024Saratoga, CA 13
Fortney, Lainey2026Salida, CO 14
Dowd, Kiera2027Concord, MA 15
Xu, Lauren2026Westport, CT 16
Benson, Grace2025Rumford, RI 18
Sears, Erin2027Cornwell, VT 19
Shu, Emma2026Westwood, MA 21
Shu, Caroline (Captain)2024Westwood, MA 22
Perry, Elle2025Newburyport, MA 26
Orr, Ellen2027Bismarck, ND 30
Bell, Allie2025Rowley, MA 33
Meyer, Paisley2027Greenland, NH 34

Coach: Sally Komarek
Assistant Coaches: Jim Tufts, Adam Loyd

Current Record

Wins: 12
Losses: 12
Ties: 2


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