Squash - Boys JV

Squash is an exciting, fast-paced four-wall court game where the ball often flies around at blazing speeds. Twenty boys comprise the ladder of varsity and JV teams. New players often get hooked because of the competitive play, challenge and energy. Love Gym’s Fisher Squash Center is a fantastic venue for players and fans, with 14 courts and seating for 300.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
Print Schedule
12/08/20213:30pmMilton AcademyAwaywin symbol6-1
01/08/20221:00pmBelmont Hill SchoolAwaycancelled
01/12/20223:00pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAwayCancelled
01/26/20222:45pmBrooks SchoolHomewin symbol7-0
01/29/20221:00pmNoble & Greenough SchoolAwayCancelled
02/02/20222:45pmAndoverHomeL 7-2
02/05/20224:00pmChoate Rosemary HallHomeCancelled
02/12/20221:00pmTabor AcademyHomeCancelled
02/16/20223:00pmMiddlesex SchoolHomewin symbol7-0
02/19/20223:00pmSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
02/23/20222:30pmAndoverAwayL 6-1
Print Roster
Breen, Ryan2024Hampstead, NH
Chai-Onn, Henry2022Jackson, WY
Chiu, Nick2022Beaverton, OR
Ehrman, Ben2022Lincoln, NH
Gibbs, Phin2025Providence, RI
Huang, Byran2025Princeton, NJ
Kim, Ian2025Bedford, NH
Manigo Gilardoni, Jean-Francois2022St. Cergue 1264, SWITZERLAND
Masoudi, Alexander2022Denver, CO
Pallatroni, Owen2022North Hampton, NH
Raval, Rajiv2024Exeter, NH
Riordan, Oliver2022Needham, MA
Shah, Yash2025Maharashtra 400606, INDIA
Shetty, Sachin2023Dallas, TX
Sun, Adrian2022Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Varwandkar, Neil2024Smiths Hs01, BERMUDA
Vohra, Ishaan2024Oakville, ON CANADA
Wu, Sean2023Princeton, NJ
Wu, Eric2024Princeton, NJ
Yun, James2024New York, NY
Zhang, Eric2023Warren, NJ
Zhang, Davido2025Shenzhen 518066, P.R.CHINA

Head Coach: Bruce Shang
Assistant Coaches: Will Abilsalih, Paul Langford

Current Record

Wins: 3
Losses: 2


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