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Summer 2021 Enrollment

Enrollment for the 2021 Summer Camp Program will begin in late spring 2021.

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Summer Camp 5-8 Years Old

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Arts in the Park
Wildlife Encounters
Great Bay Discovery Center

We are looking forward to our 2021 Summer Program!

The Harris Family Children's Center will once again be offering summer camp opportunities to all children ages 5-8 years old for the Summer of 2021, beginning date TBD.  Our camp will offer an array of experiences in music, art, drama, science and sports for children from PEA as well as the surrounding community. We also provide Preschool & Infant/Toddler Summer programs.

Special guests from Wildlife Encounters, NH Audubon, and the SEE Science Program will be invited to share their expertise with the children on site.  Additionally, children will be taking local field trips to area events.  In the past, such trips have included the Seacoast Science Center, Action Kid's Gym & Swim, Wallis Sands beach, the Center for Wildlife and many more.

Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with several common areas to enhance the children's hands on learning experiences. The Harkness Conservatory, modeled after the Italian art studio, has an abundance of natural light.  It is equipped with a variety of mediums made of natural and recycled materials, clays and paints that provide our young artists with endless creative possibilities.

Our building is air-conditioned and award-winning for its design.  The classroom and the spacious Great Room are set up to provide plenty of room for gross motor activities, shadow play and dramatic expression. Take a tour here.

Our newly updated outdoor learning environment abuts Swasey Parkway and the Squamscott River where children spend countless hours observing the local habitat.  Our playground houses an oversized gazebo that overlooks the river, a water feature with an old hand pump for endless sand & water play, giant chimes for sensorial stimulation, a sea serpent for climbing, natural climbing features such as boulders and logs, a basketball court and a large green space for organized sports.