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Exeter Student Service Organization Children's Programs


programs available to children in the Exeter community.

ESSO is the student-led community service program at Phillips Exeter Academy. We offer a wide variety of programs free of charge to children in the community. Our high school students are not professional instructors, rather this is an opportunity for them to learn teaching skills.

Sign Up for Classes

Go to www.exeter.edu/essokids on or after December 4, 2019 to register for programs in the Winter 2019-2020 term.  

We ask that you limit your child's participation to three programs only, and that you abide by the following rules:

Parents, or another specifically designated adult, must stay in the building with their children during the entire club meeting time.

Program participation gives admittance to these buildings only within the specific time frame.

Only pre-registered children may participate in programs. Do not bring friends with your child.

We expect our student club leaders to contact you if there is any change in the meeting schedule. If Academy students do not show up as expected, please contact Liz Reyes, ESSO Program Coordinator at 603-777-3584. Likewise, once your child has started a program, please contact the student leaders if you’re unable to attend.