Meet Our Trustees

Exeter is fortunate to have a dedicated body of alumni volunteers, with diverse and expert backgrounds, to oversee the administration of the school and the management of its financial and physical resources.

There are 21 Trustees, and the group consists of the principal, who is appointed by the Trustees and serves as a member for the duration of his tenure; 17 term trustees, who serve one or two five-year appointments; and the president and two vice presidents of the General Alumni Association (GAA), who are elected by that association’s board of directors. These GAA-elected trustees serve one or two terms of two years.

Our current Trustees share a passion for Exeter’s mission, a belief in the potential for transformation and discovery within all of our students, and a vision for Exeter’s ongoing excellence and leadership in secondary school education.

Ciatta Z. Baysah '97

New York, NY
Trustee since 2018
President, GAA

Education: B.A., Georgetown University; J.D., Seton Hall Law School
Occupation: CEO & Founder, Baysah Global Consulting


Wole C. Coaxum '88

Larchmont, NY
Trustee since 2012
Vice President of the Trustees
Committees: Audit and Risk, Budget and Finance, Committee on Trustees, Executive Committee, Information Technology, Institutional Advancement (Chair), Strategic Planning Steering

Education: B.A., Williams College; MBA, New York University
Occupation: Founder and CEO, Mobility Capital Finance, Inc.


Suzi Kwon Cohen ’88

New York, NY
Trustee since 2017
Committees: Budget and Finance, Investment

Education: B.A., Brown University; MBA, Stanford Business School
Occupation: Chief Investment Officer, Mousse Partners Limited


Marc C. de la Bruyere

Marc C. de La Bruyère '77; P'09, P'18

Edmonton, Canada; New York, NY
Trustee since 2009
Committees: Budget and Finance, Buildings and Grounds (Chair), Committee on Trustees, Executive Committee

Education: B.A., Williams College; MBA, INSEAD
Occupation: Managing Director, Maclab Enterprises


Walter C. Donovan '81

Boston, MA
Trustee since 2010
Committees: Audit and Risk, Budget and Finance (Chair), Executive Committee, Investment

Education: B.A., Amherst


John A. Downer '75; P'06, P'06, P'07

Stamford, CT
Trustee since 2006
President of the Trustees
Committees: ex officio member of all committees

Education: B.A., J.D., MBA, Harvard
Occupation: Venture Partner, Oak Investment Partners


Mark A. Edwards '78; P'12, P'14

Boston, MA
Trustee since 2012
Committees: Committee on Trustees, Education and Student Life, Executive Committee, Strategic Planning Steering, Work and Life

Education: B.A., Harvard
Occupation: Co-founder, Upstream


Claudine Gay ’88

Cambridge, MA
Trustee since 2017
Committees: Education and Student Life, Student Safety, Work and Life

Education: B.A., Stanford University; Ph.D., Harvard University
Occupation: Professor of Government and of African and African-American Studies, and Dean of Social Science, Harvard University


Peter A. Georgescu ’57

New York, NY
Trustee since 2017
Committees: Audit and Risk (Chair), Education and Student Life, Institutional Advancement, Work and Life

Education: B.A., Princeton University; MBA, Stanford University
Occupation: Chairman Emeritus, Young & Rubicam; Author


Jennifer P. Holleran '86

Lincoln, MA
Trustee since 2011
Committees: Committee on Trustees, Education and Student Life, Strategic Planning Steering (Chair)

Education: B.A. and M.Ed., Harvard; MBA, Yale
Occupation: Educational Consultant


Sally Jutabha Michaels '82; P'12, P'14, P'17, P'19

Bangkok, Thailand
Trustee since 2015
Committees: Committee on Trustees (Chair), Education and Student Life, Information Technology, Institutional Advancement

Education: A.B., Stanford; MBA, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Occupation: Executive Officer, GMS Power Public Co., Ltd.



Daniel C. "Dan" Oakley '80; P’12, P’14, P’15, P’17, P’17

Cutchogue, NY
Trustee since 2018
Vice President, GAA

Education: B.S., Harvard; M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Deidre G. O'Byrne '84; P'18

Kensington, NH
Trustee since 2014
Committees: Audit and Risk, Committee on Trustees, Education and Student Life (Chair), Executive Committee, Institutional Advancement

Education: A.B., Princeton; M.A., Yale; J.D., Columbia University School of Law
Occupation: General Counsel



William K. "Bill" Rawson '71; P'08

Exeter, NH
Trustee since 2018
Interim Principal
Committees: ex officio member of all committees

Education: B.A., Amherst; J.D., Stanford Law School
Occupation: Interim Principal, Phillips Exeter Academy


Nina D. Russell '82

Seattle, WA
Trustee since 2009
Committees: Education and Student Life, Executive Committee, Institutional Advancement, Strategic Planning Steering

Education: B.A., Yale; M.D., Case Western Reserve School of Medicine
Occupation: Deputy Director, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation HIV Vaccines Initiative


Peter M. "Scotch" Scocimara '82; P'16, P'18

Menlo Park, CA
Trustee since 2016
Committees: Education and Student Life, Information Technology (Chair), Work and Life

Education: B.A., Brown; MBA, Harvard
Occupation: Senior Director for Global Support, Google


Serena Wille Sides '89

Washington, DC
Trustee since 2016
Committees: Education and Student Life, Student Safety (Chair), Work and Life

Education: B.A., UNC, Chapel Hill; J.D., Harvard; M.Div., Virginia Theological Seminary
Occupation: Episcopal Priest


J. Douglas "Doug" Smith '83

Los Angeles, CA
Trustee since 2009
Committees: Buildings and Grounds, Committee on Trustees, Executive Committee, Work and Life (Chair)

Education: B.A., University of North Carolina; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Virginia
Occupation: Professor and Author


Morgan C.W. Sze '83

Hong Kong
Trustee since 2012
Committees: Budget and Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Investment (Chair)

Education: B.A., Cornell; MBA, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
Occupation: Chief Investment Officer, Azentus Capital


Kristyn Van Ostern

Kristyn A. (McLeod) Van Ostern ’96

Concord, NH
Trustee since 2017
Committees:  Audit and Risk, Budget and Finance, Buildings and Grounds

Education: B.A., Connecticut College; MBA, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Occupation: Strategy and finance consultant; Co-founder of Wash Street



Janney Wilson '83

Wellesley Hills, MA
Trustee since 2018
Vice President, GAA

Education: B.A., Yale University; MBA, Harvard
Occupation: Executive Dean, Harvard Kennedy School