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Renee Bertrand

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Global citizen

John Palfry and Cam Frary

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All things being equal

Stephanie Bramlett and Kevin Pajaro-Marinez

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Equity initiatives

Finis Origine Pendet

Memorial Minute

Elizabeth Moulton Farnham ’46 (Hon.); P’92, P’92
Chair of the Department of Religion, Instructor in Religion, Emerita

Elizabeth "Betsey" Moulton Farnham

Elizabeth (Betsey) Moulton Farnham, died in Exeter on July 7, 2021, after a brief illness. Her memorial service on August 5 drew folks from near and far to Phillips Church on a stormy summer day. Former student Matt Carty ’90 noted, “Eulogies are tricky. Given how complicated people are, it’s almost impossible to boil down their essence in a way that either is satisfying or accurate. Attempts always seem to err either on the side of hyperbole or reduction, begging the question of how we can ever do justice to the whole person of anyone. I consider myself lucky this morning, knowing that I don’t need to do that. In truth I really have no intention of representing the whole of Mrs. Farnham…” Matt perfectly described the dilemma we share in capturing Betsey’s life, as he went on to describe the central role she had played as his adviser and that of his friends in Wentworth.  More...