Student Curatorial Team

Representing Feminism(s)

February 23-April 21, 2018

2018 Student Curatorial Team

Representing Feminism(s) was developed by a team of Phillips Exeter Academy student curators to consider how feminism can be represented and, when necessary, reconceived. Questions these students considered when selecting work for the exhibition were: Is feminism still a useful framework, a relic of history, or a roadmap for the future? How does feminism provide a way to take a critical stance in the world today, and what are its limitations? How can you ‘perform’ a feminist identity or point of view? Are you a feminist?

The Lamont Gallery received nearly 300 submissions of work from over 100 artists who wished to be included in this exhibition! Our team of students worked closely with our Curator to narrow down these selections. After viewing the works, reviewing artist statements, then discussing and defending their choices they selected the works that made up the exhibition. 

Collectively, the artists’ work explored issues of the body, black feminism, labor, trans identity, punk rock feminism, notions of beauty, and media representations of gender. Echoes of feminist art history, strategies of political resistance, and considerations of materiality and mortality were evident throughout these diverse and dynamic works.


Student Curatorial Team: Gillian Allou ’19, Nicole Blanco ’20, Mai Hoang ’20, Jacob Hunter ’19, Maya Kim ’18, Andrea Liu ’19, Natalie Love ’19, Rose Martin ’19, Olivia Ross ’19, Gabriella Sanders ’18, Alexandra van Dijkum ’19, Luna Vassao ’18, and Wendi Yan ’18.

Of Accidental Origin

Work from the Lamont Gallery Collection
​Saltonstall House Curatorial Project

During the 2016-2017 school year, a team of students embarked on a curatorial project to position the arts as a platform for sparking conversations about Exeter, drawing from objects from the Lamont Gallery’s permanent collection.

The site of the students’ curatorial intervention was the Principal’s house. A space for campus-wide afternoon teas and a haven of alumni and Trustee meetings, Principal MacFarlane’s Dining Room in Saltonstall House is one of the most public, yet private rooms on the Phillips Exeter Academy campus. Those who gather in the space are united by their connection to Exeter, but diverse in their ages, backgrounds, and points of view.

Working closely with the Lamont Gallery Collections and Archive Assistant as well as the Gallery’s Curator and Director, students had the opportunity to experience every aspect of this process such as: discussing the needs of the space with the Principal, creating a budget, and selecting a cohesive collection of artwork for this exhibition. Themes included diversity, travel, journey, and the Exeter of the past, present and future.

Students also worked directly with a local professional framer, designed custom shelving and pedestals for the display of 3-dimentional items, and wrote signage for each piece to educate the many visitors that saw the exhibition while spending time in the Saltonstall House. 

For more information about this project and the process of creating this exhibition, you can read the Of Accidental Origin project report or visit the Of Accidental Origin blog where you can even take a quiz to see which piece of artwork you are!

Also, check out the video, Of Accidental Origins: Work from the Lamont Gallery Collection, created by Lucas Schroeder ‘18 which features interviews with members of the curatorial team and a virtual tour of the exhibition.

You can see photos from the final exhibition and from the students' process from selecting to installing works on our Flickr page.


Saltonstall House Curatorial Team: Jacob Hunter ’19, Maya Kim ’18, Ellie Locke ’18, Gabby Sanders ’18, Charles Smith ’18, Magisha Thohir ’18, Alexandra Van Dijkim ’19, Belle Vassao ’18, Tara Weil ’19, Wendi Yan ’18. Early curatorial contributions: Craig Celestin ’17, Honor Clemens ’17, Brandon Liu ’17, Robyn Stewart ’17. Advisors: Lauren O’Neal, Lamont Gallery Director and Curator. Olivia Knauss, Lamont Gallery Collections and Archives Assistant.

Special thanks to Four Square Framing & the PEA Facilities Department. The Saltonstall Curatorial Project is generously supported by the George M. Lovejoy Jr., Class of 1947, Principal’s Discretionary Fund.

Change Agents: Personal Art as Political Tactic

March 25 - April 30, 2016 

2016 Student Curatorial Team

This exhibition was developed by the Student Curatorial Team as a way to extend conversations on identity, social constructions, and political convictions, and to activate the gallery as a space for discussion and reflection.

Change Agents was a professional exhibition held in the Lamont Gallery. The Student Curatorial Team were involved in many aspects of the exhibition including developing the theme and scope of the exhibition, selecting work for display from over 100 submitted portfolios and artists’ statements, and presenting at the opening reception to welcome visitors and artists.

The exhibition also included student film screenings by Serena Cho ’17 and Cesar Zamudio ’16 and a poetry performance by Nick Madamidola ‘16 and Annie Ning ‘16. You can read more about Change Agents on our Exhibition Archive page and visit our Flickr page to see photos from the exhibition and events.


Student Curatorial Team: Chris Agard ’17, Serena Cho ’17, Kierra Cramer ’16, Bridget Higgins ’16, Joonho Jo ’17, Maya Kim ’18, Mahesh Kumar ’16, Brandon Liu ’17, Sally Ma ’17, Jade Moses ’16, Gabby Sanders ’18, Jack Stewart ’19, Belle Vassao ’18, Pranay Vemulamada ’16, Tara Weil ‘19, Wendy Yan ’18, and Nada Zohayr ’17.