Crew - Girls V/JV

Exeter’s crew program is one of the top in the nation. Many rowers join with no experience, and go on to excel. In 2016, girls crew won silver at the National Schools’ Championship and second boat earned gold at the NEIRA. Between them, boys and girls JV recorded only one loss in 2016. Home is Saltonstall Boathouse, located on the Squamscott River, complete with ergometers, exercise machines and clubroom.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
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04/12/20171:30pmBrooks SchoolHome
04/15/20171:15pmGroton SchoolHomeBoats 1-2expand arrow
04/15/20171:15pmGroton SchoolHomeBoats 1-2expand arrow
04/22/20171:00pmPEA InvitationalAwaySee highlightsexpand arrow
04/29/20175:15pmKent/SPS @ SPSAwaySee highlightsexpand arrow
05/06/20174:00pmHanover High SchoolAwaySee highlightsexpand arrow
05/13/20172:00pmAndover/TaborAwaySee highlightsexpand arrow
05/20/20173:00pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAwaySee highlightsexpand arrow
05/27/2017TBDNEIRAAwaySee highlightsexpand arrow
Print Roster
Amber, Niko2019Brooklyn, NY USA
Bagger, Isabel2017Northport, AL USA
Bagwyn, Ruby2019Houston, TX USA
Baker, Christine2019Boca Raton, FL USA
Beck, Rosemary2020Newburyport, MA USA
Blake, Maya2017Fairfax, VA USA
Clements, Honor2017Old Lyme, CT USA
Cohen, Leah2020Allentown, PA USA
Coombs, Emily2018Exeter, NH USA
Coombs, Shelagh2020Exeter, NH USA
Crowley, Cady2017Brooklyn, NY USA
Davis, Hillary2019Sudbury, MA USA
Davis, Caroline2017Sudbury, MA USA
Davis, Katya2020New York, NY USA
de La Bruyere, Jo2018Edmonton, AB CANADA
Demopoulos, Amelia2020Durham, NH USA
Dixon, Emma2019Shelburne, VT USA
Duisberg, Grace2017Durham, NH USA
Dumoulin, Kat2017Biddeford, ME USA
Elgayar, Allya2018Miami Beach, FL USA
Epler, Nora2017Portsmouth, NH USA
Erickson, Layne2018Eau Claire, WI USA
Faliero, Sophie2019Charleston, SC USA
Ferguson, Grace2020Exeter, NH USA
Gasper, Grace2018New Berlin, WI USA
Gilchrist, Lucy2020Portsmouth, NH USA
Gorfine, Alexis2018West Palm Beach, FL USA
Goydan, Julia2018Chester, NJ USA
Hillyard, Jordan2018Durham, NH USA
Hoang, Mai2020Ho Chi Minh 70000, VIETNAM
Hogan, Erica2018Boston, MA USA
Kron, Isadora2019Miami Beach, FL USA
Lackey, Ashleigh2019Washington, DC USA
Leatham, Lauren2019Los Angeles, CA USA
LeBrun, Morgan2020Bedford Hills, NY USA
Lee, Amelia2019Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Lichtl, Heidi2019New Orleans, LA USA
Little, Ginny2020San Juan, PR USA
Marshall, Zoe2017New Rochelle, NY USA
McCall, Marie Leighton2018Wake Forest, NC USA
O'Day, Molly2018Exeter, NH USA
Okeremi, Oluwadara2018Missouri City, TX USA
Olmsted, Samantha2019Lynchburg, VA USA
Papadakis, Lena2017North Hampton, NH USA
Parker, Heddy2019San Francisco, CA USA
Parsons, Ella2019Leesburg, VA USA
Petersen, Olivia2018Eliot, ME USA
Pinciaro, Lilly2020New Castle, NH USA
Potter, Maddy2019Manchester, MA USA
Potter, Robin2020Brentwood, NH USA
Provencal-Fogarty, Mary2019Dover, NH USA
Robinson, Hannah2018Durham, NH USA
Rosati, Sophia2020Boxford, MA USA
Rothstein, Alex2017Durham, NH USA
Ryan-Embry, Chase2018Birmingham, AL USA
Schutt, Tatum2020Wilmington, DE USA
Small, Annie2019Candia, NH USA
Stucke, Clara2020Knoxville, TN USA
Windisch, Sophie2018Tampa, FL USA
Young, Katie2019Burlington, VT USA
Zhang, Angelina2020Sherborn, MA USA

Head Coach: Sally Morris
Assistant Coaches: Becky Moore, Allison Hobbie, Avery Reavill, Sarah Nute

Current Record

Wins: 0
Losses: 0