Hockey - Girls V

One of the oldest prep school programs, girls ice hockey plays other Division I programs in an aggressive 25-game schedule, additionally hosting a New Year’s tournament. The program has seen numerous athletes go on to compete at the college level. Exeter has two hockey rinks.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
Print Schedule
11/17/20174:30pmKing s Edge HillHomewin symbol2-1
11/18/20175:00pmThe Hill SchoolHomewin symbol2-1
12/06/20173:30pmMilton AcademyAway2-3 L
12/09/20172:30pmCushing AcademyHome2-5 L
12/13/20175:30pmLawrence AcademyHome1-3 L
12/15/20174:30pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolHome4-5 Lexpand arrow
12/16/201710:30amPomfret SchoolHomewin symbolsee highlights for resultsexpand arrow
12/18/20175:00pmBerwick AcademyHomewin symbol4-1
01/06/20182:30pmBrewster AcademyHomewin symbol6-0
01/10/20183:30pmWorcester AcademyAway1-1 T
01/13/20182:00pmDeerfield AcademyHome1-2 L
01/17/20183:00pmHolderness SchoolAwaywin symbol4-0
01/20/20182:00pmNoble & Greenough SchoolHome1-2 L
01/24/20182:30pmTilton SchoolHomewin symbol4-0
01/26/20185:00pmRivers SchoolHome1-4 L
01/27/20183:00pmHebron AcademyHomewin symbol7-1
02/03/20184:00pmBuckingham Browne & Nichols SchoolAway2-4 L
02/07/20182:30pmKimball Union AcademyHomecanceled due to snow
02/09/20185:00pmVermont AcademyHome5-8 L
02/10/20184:15pmNew Hampton SchoolHomewin symbol3-2
02/14/20183:00pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAway1-10 L
02/16/20186:15pmDexter SchoolAwaywin symbol1-0
02/17/20181:30pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolHomewin symbol5-2
02/21/20184:00pmWinchendon SchoolHome3-4 L
02/24/20182:00pmAndoverAway2-2 T
Print Roster
McCrystal, Cam2020Duxbury, MA 1G
MacBride, Elizabeth2019Dover, NH 2D5-7
Cloonan, Jill2020Woburn, MA 3F
Brooks, Jenna2020Brunswick, ME 4F
Conte, Kaleigh2018Somerville, MA 5D/F5-8
Watson, Emma2020Dover, NH 5F
Xu, Alyssa2021Bayside, NB CANADA6F
Potter, Robin2020Exeter, NH 7F
Littlewood, Hannah2019Andover, MA 8D/F5-8
Smith, Abby2020Newton, MA 9F
Anderson, Lydia2019Woburn, MA 10F5-3
Erickson, Layne2018Eau Claire, WI 11F5-7
Christie, Chiara2019Durham, NH 12F5-7
Kester, Kathryn2019New York, NY 14D
Vandergraaf, Johna2018Hudson, NH 15D5-8
DeCoste, Allyson2020Braintree, MA 17F5-4
Young, Ollie2019Burlington, VT 19F5-11
Shu, Rachel2021Westwood, MA 20D
Collins, Jane2019Mountain View, CA 21F5-8
Tierney, Keaghan2020Plymouth, MA 22D
O'Brien, Michaela2019Mashpee, MA 30G5-6

Coach: Sally Komarek

Assistant Coaches: Lee Young & Tim Quint

Managers:  Caroline Colbert '17, Ty Deery '18, Tanner McGowan '18, Jack Pimental '18

Current Record

Wins: 11
Losses: 11
Ties: 3


Students participate in a team or PE course each term