Policies and Procedures

General Academy Policies and Procedures Regarding Sexual Misconduct Against Students

Exeter’s policies strictly forbid sexual misconduct against students, and all accusations are taken extremely seriously. The following provides an overview of Exeter’s policies and procedures about reporting and addressing such allegations. It is not meant as a comprehensive guide. For additional information, including specific policies and applicable definitions, please refer to The E Book, Exeter’s student handbook.

For Students

Students who experience sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and unwanted contact of a sexual nature at Exeter should seek help immediately from a trusted adult, adviser, dean, or counselor. Students should call 911 if they need or witness a need for immediate police and/or medical attention.

Reports of sexual misconduct are taken seriously with the safety and well-being of all students as the first priority. The Academy reports sexual assaults involving students to the Exeter Police Department and the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) for official action. In addition, after learning of an alleged incident of sexual misconduct involving a student, Exeter will conduct a thorough internal investigation, including interviews with all students and adults involved. This investigation is separate from any investigation by the police and DCYF and coordinated as required. If the Academy determines that an outside review is required, we will retain highly trained legal professionals to conduct an independent investigation.

Following a report of sexual misconduct, the Academy takes any action that may be needed to protect our students and enforce our policies. We will arrange for medical and mental health services for any student victims of sexual misconduct. We may also take interim and permanent measures involving a student found to have violated Academy policies. Depending on the nature of the allegations and the outcome of the investigation, such action can include mandated counseling at our health center, required training, removal of the student from campus, requirement to withdraw, and/or limiting a student’s campus activities.

Any student who commits sexual misconduct will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. This may include, but is not limited to, referral to the Academy Student Assistance Program (ASAP) and discipline up to and including the requirement to withdraw. (Read The E Book, page 23, for more on ASAP.)

For Adults

All academy employees are bound by a strict code of conduct which mandates that all interactions with students be safe, healthy, positive and respectful. Sexual misconduct involving students is strictly prohibited.

All employees are mandated to report suspected violations of the code of conduct, including sexual misconduct involving students. Employees under active investigation for misconduct may be placed on leave and barred from campus and all campus activities. Any employee found to have committed sexual misconduct involving a student will be terminated.


All employees of the Academy who become aware of any information about sexual misconduct against a student should immediately report the information to the dean of students, the dean on duty, or directly to the Exeter Police Department or DCYF. Employees who fail to report sexual misconduct against a student face discipline, and depending on the nature of the sexual misconduct the employee failed to report, may face prosecution for failing to make a mandatory report under New Hampshire law. Students who are 18 years or older can choose whether or not to make a report of a crime to the authorities or participate in a police investigation, even though the Academy is mandated to make such reports. Students who are 17 years or younger can choose to participate in a police investigation under the guidance of their parent or guardian.