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Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Students who believe they have been victims of sexual misconduct should seek help immediately from their parents and a trusted adult on campus, including the director of student well-being, a school nurse, the school doctor, a counselor, adviser, a dean or a campus safety officer. Students should call 911 if they need, or witness a need for, immediate police and/or medical attention.

Reporting sexual misconduct can be difficult and victims/survivors (or witnesses to such behavior) may experience a multitude of emotions when considering whether to report the conduct. The Academy encourages victims/survivors and witnesses to prioritize their personal safety and physical/emotional well-being. The Academy seeks to empower victims/survivors. We encourage our students to seek out an adult they are comfortable with to help them receive the support they need during what is often a difficult time.

A student who is a victim of sexual misconduct, and students who have information (bystanders), are strongly encouraged to disclose information about such misconduct to a faculty or staff member. The Academy will not discipline student victims of sexual misconduct, or bystanders who provide information in order to help student victims, for violations of Academy rules that may have taken place at the time of the sexual misconduct they are reporting.

The Academy follows a sexual misconduct protocol when an incident has been reported. This protocol is a tool to help students, parents and faculty navigate the process and understand what to expect.