Reporting Sexual Misconduct

The Academy strives to create an environment where students who have experienced or know about sexual misconduct will seek help and support from trusted adults on campus. We recognize that speaking about sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct can be extremely difficult for a student who has experienced the violation and harm that results from sexual misconduct.

"Understanding that no disciplinary outcome will erase what happened, it is imperative that we listen to those harmed and continually grow in our understanding of the intensity and often long-term impact of trauma. We must be sensitive to the integral part trauma plays in how someone harmed experiences our support.”

— Director of Student Well-being Christina Palmer

In recent years, we have thought deeply about and redesigned our protocols. Over the summer of 2019, Assistant Principal Karen Lassey worked with a group of students from Exonians Against Sexual Assault (EASA) and other student organizations to redesign the process of investigating and adjudicating cases of sexual misconduct by a student. The new process included clearly articulated supports and agency for students who report an incidence of misconduct and more faculty training and involvement in the review process and disciplinary outcomes.

While we know that cases of sexual misconduct inevitably will be emotionally distressing and painful, we continue to work to improve our protocols in order to address misconduct fairly, keeping support for students at the center of the process.

"Students generously gave their time and thoughtful input to an iterative process that resulted in improvements to our sexual misconduct response protocols.” 

— Assistant Principal Karen Lassey

The Academy also has a robust program of education and prevention which seeks to encourage reporting. In collaboration with students and student leaders, Director of Student Well-being Christina Palmer has designed and implemented student workshops — on consent, bystander intervention, healthy relationships and boundaries —  and coordinated speakers and events on campus. See details on our preventative work.

Current students who believe they have experienced sexual misconduct should seek help immediately from their parents/guardians and/or a trusted adult on campus, including the director of student well-being, a school nurse, the school doctor, a counselor, adviser, dean or campus safety officer.

Students should call 911 if they need or witness a need for immediate police and/or medical attention.

Reporting sexual misconduct can be difficult, and students in that situation (or witnesses to such behavior) may experience a multitude of emotions when considering whether to report the conduct. The Academy encourages anyone who has experienced or witnessed misconduct to prioritize their personal safety and physical/emotional well-being. The Academy seeks to empower students with options to address this conduct. We encourage our students to seek out an adult with whom they are comfortable to help them receive the support they need during what is often a difficult time.

The Academy encourages students to disclose information about any misconduct to a faculty or staff member. Students or bystanders who provide information in order to help other students will not face community conduct action for violations of other Academy rules that may have taken place at the time of the reported sexual misconduct.

The Academy follows a sexual misconduct protocol when an incident has been reported. This protocol is a tool to help students, parents and faculty navigate the process and understand what to expect.

How to report sexual misconduct

Survivors: We encourage anyone who believes they or someone they know are the survivor of sexual misconduct while at Exeter to report the incident immediately to Christina Palmer, director of student well-being at The Academy will retain an independent investigator and will cooperate with local and state agencies, as needed.

Reports can also be made to the Exeter Police Department at 603-772-1212.

Anonymous reporting is available through Ethics Point which is a confidential method to gather suggestions, concerns or reports of misconduct. Learn more at the EthicsPoint site.

Alumni: If you have questions or concerns, please email Principal Rawson at or Christina Palmer, director of student well-being at

Current students, faculty or staff: If you have questions or concerns, please email Principal Rawson at or Christina Palmer, director of student well-being, at If you want to make a report of sexual misconduct contact, contact any of the following:

Dean on duty/Campus Safety: 603-777-4444

Counselor on call/Lamont Health and Wellness Center: 603-777-3420

Director of Student Well-being: 603-777-3307

Exeter Police: 911 or 603-772-1212

HAVEN (24/7 hotline): 603-994-7233

Or speak to any trusted adult.

For more information on how the Academy responds to reports of sexual misconduct, see the E Book.