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Exeter’s crew program is one of the top in the nation, earning a top-two finish in each of the last two seasons at the NEIRA Championships on Lake Quinsigamond. Many rowers join the squad with no experience and go on to excel at college and national programs. The team trains in the Saltonstall Boathouse — one of the premier facilities in the country — located on the Squamscott River, complete with ergometers, exercise equipment and clubroom. 


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2020 Roster

Name Class Hometown
Kelsey Austin 2022 Mableton, GA
Dorothy Baker 2022 Baltimore, MD
Coco Barton 2023 Portsmouth, NH
Rosemary Beck 2020 Newburyport, MA
Hanna Brigham 2020 Wilson, WY
Bea Burack 2021 Hopkinton, NH
Johanna Calderon 2021 Jackson Heights, NY
Kitty Coats 2022 Mableton, GA
Alicia Coble 2021 Melrose, MA
Sofia Coelho 2023 Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
Shelagh Coombs 2020 Exeter, NH
Matilda Damon 2023 Crownsville, MD
Katya Davis 2020 New York, NY
Fabriciana De Soriano 2023 Bronx, NY
Amelia Demopoulos 2020 Durham, NH
Julia Dobbins 2021 South Hamilton, MA
Keona Edwards 2022 Pahoa, HI
Eva English 2023 Penngrove, CA
Lassiter Foregger 2023 Portsmouth, RI
Anjali Frary 2023 Andover, MA
Saylor Garland 2022 Sunapee, NH
Mia Glinn 2020 Cayucos, CA
Celine Gu 2022 West Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Sam Gumprecht 2020 Rye, NH
Sarah Huang 2021 San Francisco, CA
Siona Jain 2022 Plainfield, IL
Aidan Johnson 2023 Bronx, NY
Thora Jordt 2022 Chapel Hill, NC
Sabrina Kearney 2022 Nashua, NH
Danna Lara 2023 Astoria, NY
Olivia Lazorik 2020 Fort Pierce, FL
Eli Lembo 2021 Exeter, NH
Tina Li 2023 Overland Park, KS
Addie Luce 2021 Boxford, MA
Jacqueline Luque 2022 Lexington, MA
Emma Lyle 2022 Newport, NC
Emily Lyons 2022 Andover, MA
Sanisha Mahendra-Rajah 2023 Newton, MA
Ella Malysa 2021 Manhasset, NY
Erin McCann 2021 Menlo Park, CA
Liza McMahan 2022 Pompano Beach, FL
Kelly Mi 2020 Alpharetta, GA
Delaney Miller 2023 Exeter, NH
Chloe Minicucci 2021 East Kingston, NH
Kate Nixon 2023 Winchester, MA
Juliette Ortiz 2022 Dublin, NH
Livia Palmer 2022 Raymond, NH
Michelle Park 2022 Bellevue, WA
Nina Potter 2022 New York, NY
Charlotte Pulkkinen 2022 Bronxville, NY
Clara Stucke 2020 Knoxville, TN
Cindy Su 2023 Shoreview, MN
Alayna Thomas 2020 Prides Crossing, MA
Sofina Tillman 2021 Stamford, CT
Catherine Webber 2021 Brentwood, NH
Nina Weeldreyer 2021 Dallas, TX
Lucy Weil 2022 Washington, DC
Phoebe Weil 2020 Washington, DC
Olivia Williamson 2022 Wayzata, MN
Angela Zhang 2023 Warren, NJ

Head Coach: Sally Morris
Assistant Coaches: Becky Moore, Allison Hobbie, Catherine Saarela-Irivin


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Head Coach: Sally Morris
Assistant Coaches: Becky Moore, Allison Hobbie, Catherine Saarela-Irivin

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