Field Hockey - JV

Exeter field hockey, called “Moxie” by Exonians, has seen recent success stemming from their exceptional teamwork. The team knows how to work as a unit, enabling it to topple teams with strong talent. The team has qualified for post-season several times. Home games are played on the newly constructed Hatch Turf Field.


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Print Schedule
09/13/20173:30pmExeter High SchoolAwaywin symbol2-0
09/16/20173:30pmMilton AcademyHomewin symbol3-0
09/20/20174:15pmMiddlesex SchoolAwaywin symbol1-0
09/23/20172:00pmBuckingham Browne & Nichols SchoolAwaywin symbol2-0
09/27/20173:45pmBerwick AcademyAwaycanceled
09/30/20172:00pmDeerfield AcademyAway0-1 L
10/04/20174:30pmBrewster AcademyHomewin symbol7-0
10/07/20175:00pmNoble & Greenough SchoolAway0-1 L
10/11/20173:00pmPingree SchoolAway1-1 T
10/14/20172:30pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolHomewin symbol5-0
10/21/20172:30pmBrooks SchoolAwaywin symbol3-1
10/25/20173:00pmShore Country Day SchoolAwaycanceled
10/28/20173:15pmSt. Paul’s SchoolHome0-0 T
11/01/20174:30pmBerwick AcademyHomewin symbol10-0
11/04/20173:15pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAway0-0 T
11/08/20172:45pmAndoverAway2-3 L - OT
Print Roster
Burack, Bea2021Hopkinton, NH
Carden, Isabel2021Palm Beach, FL
Cheng, Yuchen2020Saskatoon, SK CANADA
DiCarlo, Sadie2021Exeter, NH
Dobbins, Julia2021S Hamilton, MA
Duong, Tien2020Ho Chi Minh 70000, VIETNAM
Durawa, Molly2021Dover, NH
Fortin, Catherine2021Ipswich, MA
Glidden, Victoria2018Durham, NH
Kraus, Vivi2018Norwalk, CT
Locke, Ellie2018Durham, NH
McGowan, Janey2020Boca Raton, FL
Moon, Katie2021Medfield, MA
Mukherjee, Ramyanee2020New York, NY
Parla, Rianna2020North Hampton, NH
Thomas, Meredith2021Rochester, NY

Coach: Sydnee Goddard

Assistant Coach: Jean Farnum 

Manager: Grace Khaner, Ramyanee Mukherjee

Current Record

Wins: 8
Losses: 3
Ties: 3


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