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Meet Exeter's Executive Chef

A 40-year veteran of the restaurant and catering industry, Pierre Gignac manages the Academy's fast-paced kitchens with art, expertise and dynamism.

Laura Wood
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Exeter People

"My goal is to figure out how this library can continue with and increase its ability to partner with the rest of the institution, and to meet needs that maybe people haven’t even recognized yet."

Laura Wood

All you need to know about Family Weekend

Join us Oct. 21-22 for Exeter Family Weekend. Online registration closes Oct. 16.

Alumna shares personal journey of transition

Tomi Suchan '08 discusses the support and obstacles she faced at Exeter.

Class Bonding 101

Everyone earned an A. Before the new school year began, our students gathered by class to renew connections or meet for the first time.

Good Company
Exeter People

“You do a lot of self-reflection here. ... That leads you to really find yourself.”

Exeter People

“It was a lot of hard work, but [what] made it worth it was the people who ... said, 'Wow, that really had a profound impact on me.'”