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"There used to be all these theories about how anesthesia worked, but no one could really explain why someone became unconscious after receiving one of these drugs."

Emery N. Brown

Exeter alumna Julie Livingston speaks at assembly

‘Eternal economic growth is a fairy tale with a very unhappy ending.’

MacArthur Fellow Julie Livingston ’84 describes the “self-devouring growth” in Botswana. “You will write a new story: a smarter one, a fairer one,” she tells students.

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Exeter People

"It brings me closure and peace knowing that I'm doing something to play even a small part in a much larger battle."

Ayush '20

Alumni in the News

Michelle Maryns ‘03 helps small businesses, especially owned by women and women of color, succeed with AI-powered software

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Proctors outside Amen Hall pose for a selfie on Move In Day.

Word to the wise

Who better to offer advice to the newest Exonians than our beloved proctors?

Knowledge and goodness
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“That's one of the most noble goals ... embracing this one-of-a-kind education and using it to help others.”

Exeter People

“I treasure Exeter’s collaborative spirit and desire to create something greater.”

Exeter People

“When you get the chance to do things you love, you just have to take it.”