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Proctors outside Amen Hall pose for a selfie on Move In Day.

Word to the wise

Who better to offer advice to the newest Exonians than our beloved proctors?

Exeter in the News

In “Calling the Birds Home,” photographer and Art Instructor Cheryle St. Onge expresses her love for her mother who is suffering from dementia

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Combat Surgeon Colonel Robert Lim ’87 in a Computer Science class at Exeter.
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Exeter People

“What started as some guys sitting in the back of a conference room is now the strongest meeting for military general surgeons in the world.”

Robert Lim ’87

RedBikes get rolling

Exeter's first bike-share program hits the road today, officially launching on Climate Action Day. 

Knowledge and goodness
Exeter People

“That's one of the most noble goals ... embracing this one-of-a-kind education and using it to help others.”

Exeter People

“I treasure Exeter’s collaborative spirit and desire to create something greater.”

Exeter People

“When you get the chance to do things you love, you just have to take it.”