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Exeter People

"The work that I do is really rewarding because it’s in service to not just other people, but to the landscape of the West."

Kate Tirrell '11

Exeter senior named science competition finalist

Meet Neil Chowdhury '22, whose research of colon cancer cells has earned him a spot in the Regeneron Science Talent Search finals.

Orchestrated excellence

Brian Son '22 and scores of talented musicians at Exeter delivered a series of stirring concerts to close out fall term.

Jeremy England
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Exeter People

“There was a fevered sense of having an idea and not being able to stop thinking about it, and not being able to sleep.”

Jeremy England '99

It's all Greek to her

Emma Finn '22 spent her summer helping her Classical Languages Instructor Matt Hartnett revise Exeter’s introductory Greek textbook. "It’s been really rewarding to shift from being a consumer of knowledge to being able to produce it in ways that will have an impact on other students’ learning.”

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