Writers' Workshop at Exeter

June 25-30, 2023

This writing workshop is for anyone who is eager to write, to awaken acts of imagination, to practice deep listening and to explore new forms as writers in a collaborative Harkness workshop setting. Participants, many of whom are teachers of writing, will workshop their own writing, generate new work, attend readings, discuss literature, and develop approaches and new strategies for classroom teaching. The conference is open to all levels of experience and for anyone who wants to write, whether poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, manifestos, monologues or more.


I learned to let go and open up to the life and process of writing — it was wonderful to have the time to indulge myself in dreaming, thinking, remembering, challenging, exploring!"

Each day starts with time to work on your own writing, revise old work and generate new material. The day then unfolds with Harkness discussions about literature and readings from a diverse array of voices and styles for inspiration. Afternoons are for workshops of individual writing with early evening time set aside for one-on-one conferences with conference leaders. The days conclude with readings by guest writers, conversations with colleagues and engaging in social activities.


Lauren Rosen, conference manager