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All employees and students are provided an @exeter.edu email account. Your campus email is hosted on Office 365 (Microsoft Exchange Online).


To login into your Exeter email account, you must enter your Exeter EMAIL address, i.e., jdoe@exeter.edu (see sample screenshots below).

Outlook Web Access Login Screen

Outlook Login Screen

Learn how to set up your mail app to access Exeter email on your computer/mobile devices. Follow the steps for an Exchange-based email account.


  • Missing email messages? Maybe they're in your Clutter folder. Learn more about Clutter and how to turn Clutter off.

  • Is Reply All your default setting in Outlook web app (OWA)? To change that, login to OWA, go to Settings (upper right hand corner of window) > Options > Reply settings and select Reply for Make my default response:



Contact IT Support Desk at itservices@exeter.edu, 603-777-3693phone symbol or on-campus ext. 3693.